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  • High quality soybean fibre is now made commercially from "okara" (soy pulp), a by-product of tofu production. Soy pulp is the insoluble part of soybean that remains when pureed soybeans are filtered in the production of soy milk. It is high in fibre and contains protein.
  • Companies that make soy yarn usually use byproducts of food manufacturing that would normally be discarded, putting the waste through an extrusion and wet spinning process to create fibers that can be spun into yarn
  • soybean fiber is manufactured using new, cutting edge bioengineering technologies. It is produced by extracting proteins from the residual oils of soybean cake - a liquid "batter" is created and cooked, then the fiber is produced by wet-spinning and stabilized by acetylating, and is then cut into short staples after curling and thermoforming.
  • Wet-spun soy fibers were successfully produced in 4% HCl baths containing various inorganic salts.
  • For extrusion, the soy protein was equilibrated with 40% of water and 15% of glycerol for 24 hours at room temperature before extrusion at 96°C at 20 rpm
    with a Brabender twin screw machine fitted with a die with eight of 368-n openings
  • Soy Fibres are extensively used in Medical & wound healing applications
  • Soy Fiber & Dietary Fiber
  • Spinning Starch Fibers
  • Okara
  • Soy Protein Isolates

Processing Information

  • Soy Yarn Processing - brief
  • Textile fibers from soy proteins
  • Commercial soybean protein fibres
  • Soybean fiber for textiles
  • Biocomponent fiber production
  • Nanofiber Mats
  • Production of Biodegradable Films from Soy Protein Isolates
  • Plant & Machinery sources

Technology Information

  • Soy Chemistry Fiber & Film Developments
  • Soy protein–lignin nanofibers
  • Soy Fiber processing
  • Soy Protein-based Scaffolds
  • Soy protein films
  • Solution Blowig
  • Fiber Fly Generation of Soybean Yarns

Companies & products

  • Chinese Manufacturer
  • Company - Genova
  • Company profile - China
  • Manufacturer - Soya Yarn
  • Company & Products
  • Fiber company
  • Company - Soysilk
  • Company - India
  • Company - Australia

Information Sources

  • Eco Fibers
  • Applications
  • Growers Association
  • Institute for technology
  • Bioresources
  • Fibrous Materials
  • Extrusion of Texturized Proteins
  • Consultancy - Market Research Reports
  • Centre for research

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