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  • Pentylamine is a chemical compound with the formula CH3(CH2)4NH2.
  • It is used as a solvent, as a raw material in the manufacture of a variety of other compounds, including emulsifiers, and as a flavoring agent.
  • Amylamine is a Colorless Liquid.It is used As a Chemical Intermediate in Dye Stuffs, Insecticides, Gasoline Additives And Pharmaceuticals
  • Amylamine can Affect you When Breathed in and May be Absorbed through the Skin
  • Amylamine is a Flammable liquid and a Fire Hazard
  • Chemical Properties - Clear colourless to very slightly yellow liquid
  • Air & Water Reactions - Highly flammable. Less dense than water and soluble in water.
  • General Description - A clear colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor. Flash point 30F. Irritates the eyes and respiratory system. Vapors are heavier than air. Produces toxic oxides of nitrogen during combustion. Used as a corrosion inhibitor, solvent, flotation agent and in the manufacture of other chemicals.
  • Reactivity Profile - AMYLAMINES are amines. Amines are chemical bases. They neutralize acids to form salts plus water. These acid-base reactions are exothermic. The amount of heat that is evolved per mole of amine in a neutralization is largely independent of the strength of the amine as a base.
  • Amines may be incompatible with isocyanates,peroxides, phenols (acidic), epoxides, anhydrides, and acid halides. Flammable gaseous hydrogen is generated by amines in combination with strong reducing agents, such as hydrides.
General Information
  • Introduction Of Amylamines
  • Chemical Book For Amylamines
  • Application Guide


  • 1-Aminopentane
  • N-Amylamine
  • N-Amylamine , 99%
  • N-Pentylamine
  • Pentylamine


  • Amylamine Industrial Research Report
  • Amylamine Market Developing Research Report

Company Profiles 

  • Company From Canada
  • Company From China
  • Company From Kelso,WA
  • Company From P.R.China


  • Suppliers Of Amylamines
  • Manufacturers Of Amylamines
  • Amylamines Suppliers List
  • Exporters Of Amylamines
  • Amylamines Suppliers
  • Distributers Of Amylamines


  • Davy Extends its Technology Portfolio
  • Microbial synthesis of chiral amines by (R)-specific transamination
    with Arthrobacter sp. KNK168
  • Reaction of mannose with amylamine in solution
  • Use of polylysine for adsorption of nucleic acids and enzymes to
    electron microscope specimen films

Toxicity And Safety

  • Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet
  • Safe Storage And Handling


  • A Proposed Mechanism For The Inactivation Of Atopic Allergens In Dilute Solution
  • Determination of biogenic amines in beers and brewing-process
    samples by capillary electrophoresis coupled to
    laser-induced fluorescence detection
  • Inhibitor Specificity Of Amine Oxidase
  • Pseudomonas monteilii sp. nov., Isolated from Clinical Specimens
  • The effect of surface immobilized bisphosphonates on the fixation
    of hydroxyapatite-coated titanium implants in ovariectomized rats


  • A Fast And Accurate Isotachophoresis Simulation Code
  • From Single to Multiple Atomic Layers: A Unique Approach
    to the Systematic Tuning of Structures and Properties of
    Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Nanostructured Semiconductors
  • Metabolism of /V-Nitrosomethyl-w-amylamine by Microsomes from Human and Rat Esophagus
  • Non-Fluorine Precursor Solutions For High Critical Current Density Films
  • Substrate Specificity Of Amino Oxidase
  • The influence of the non ionic surfactant solutions on the
    protolytic properties of aliphatic amines

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