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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Anodising is a process for producing decorative and protective films on articles made from aluminium and its alloys
  • In the majority of anodising plants it is carried out in an electrolyte bath containing sulphuric acid with aluminium sheet cathodes and the work to be anodised attached to the anode
  • Electrolytic colouring is the most important method of colouring anodised aluminium today. It produces attractive finishes of very great colour and heat fastness and is easy to perform.
  • The materials required for the anodizing are various chemicals for anodizing. The main materials are ATN 100, UF-9, H2 So4 (Sulphuric Acid) Caustic Soda, HNo3 (Nitric
    Acid), Stannous Sulphate, Cold Sealing and Nickel Acetate. These are available from
    the chemical dealers.
  • This is an ancillary Industry and needed for aluminium aircraft parts, architectural materials, and consumer products.
  •  Anodized aluminium can be found on MP3 players, smartphones, multi-tools, flashlights, cookware, cameras, sporting goods, window frames, roofs, in electrolytic capacitors, and on many other products both for corrosion resistance and the ability to retain dye.
Anodizing Process
  • Basics
  • Metal Finishing
  • Anodizing of Aluminium
  • Aluminium Anodization
  • Anodizing Aluminium system
  • Hard Anodizing Dissolution of Aluminium
    Alloy Part
  • A multipurpose anodising plant for non ferrous metals
  • Anodization of Aluminium using a fast two-step process
  • Electrolytic Color Anodizing of Aluminium
  • Hard Anodizing


  • Anodizing Primer
  • Anodizing Instructions
  • Bright dipping aluminium
  • BIS Standards
  • Understanding and Specifying Anodizing
  • Low cost, high quality-Aluminium hard anodizing

Recycling Process

  • Soda and Aluminium Recovery From Spent Etching Baths
  • Treatment of an Anodizing Waste
  • Know-how & Plants offer
  • Anodizing Plants & Turnkey offer

Project Information

  • Sample Project profile

Equipment Suppliers

  • Technical details of Anodizing Plant & Machinery
  • Anodizing Plants suppliers
  • Plants from India
  • Plants from Italy


  • Builders Hardware
  • Aluminium Fabrications

Market Scenario

  • The Industry Association
  • Anodizing Conference - 2016
  • Company in Finland
  • Tender document
  • Aluminium Extrusions

Raw Materials

  • Anodizing Chemicals
  • Chemicals for anodizing

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