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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Major producing countries are China, Chile, USA, Countries in Europe
  • The major importer are Russia & countries in Europe
  • Currently the major players in the export market are Iran, Chile, USA, Turkey, Australia, France
    and India.
  • Minimum quality requirement are :-
    Practically free from pests, Sound (rotted or deteriorated product is excluded), Clean (practically free from any foreign matter),Intact, Free from damage caused by pests, No abnormal external moisture Free of any foreign smell and / or taste, Carefully picked
  • Classification of Apple: -
    Extra Class: Superior in shape, size, coloring and the stalk must be intact.
    Class I: Flesh must be perfectly sound. However slight defects in shape, development, and coloring allowed.
    Class II: Flesh must be free from major defects. However defects in shape, development, and coloring allowed.
  •  Organizing for export involves complete setup of apple washing, waxing, grading, manual sorting, packing facilities & exporting
  • To start a business of export about 20,000 tons of apple per year, one needs to be able to bring in an investment of about 2 Crores

Basic Information

  • World Markets & Trade
  • Employment Potential

Post Harvest Technology
  • Crop Protection
  • Post harvest Storage of Apples in China: A Case Study
  • Color Preservation
  • Factors affecting apple aroma/flavour volatile concentration
  • Fruit Rot Incidence
  • Storage Effect
  • Packing & Storage
  • Apple Properties
  • Physical and hydrodynamic properties
  • Quality of Apple Varieties
  • Shape Changing
  • Transport & Storage Losses
  • Cold Chain Industry in India
  • Apple Value Chain - Case Study

Project Feasibility

  • Agricultural Business Profile on Apples
  • Feasibility of complete setup of apple washing, waxing, grading,
    manual sorting, packing facilities & exporting
  • Cold Chain Project brief
  • Export Model
  • Export Coaching Programme
  • Claim Prices
  • Codex Standard for Apples
  • Protocol of Phytosanitary Requirements
  • Import Risk Analysis
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Export Trade Development
  • Apples from USA to Japan

World Market Scenario

  • Apple Futures
  • Market for Apple in India
  • Japan – Measures Affecting the Importation of Apples
  • Atemoya and Sugar Apple
  • The risk of fire blight through mature apples
  • The Canadian apple industry
  • Canada Report 2009
  • Chile has become the world’s principal fresh apple exporter.
  • Competitiveness of Moldovan apple exporters
  • Fruit Production in Macedonia
  • Newsletter - sample

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