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  • Basmati is exclusively grown in certain
    parts of India (75%) and Pakistan (25%)
  • As per a WTO ruling, only certain varieties of rice grown in India and Pakistan can be labeled as Basmati
  • The Super Basmati, a premium variety from Pakistan and Dehra Dun from India, are the most prized of the basmati varieties
  • The best types of basmati rice are aged for18-24 months before milling and selling

  • Therefore, Basmati rice requires storing
    inventory – thereby necessitating huge
    capital requirements. Knowledge & experience of Basmati procurement and processing required

  • Saudi Arabia and UAE are the two largest markets for basmati globally

  • Major markets for basmati rice exports have been Saudi Arabia, Australia, Austria, Belgium,
    Bahrain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United States, Canada, Belgium , Kuwait, Italy, Oman, Yemen, Netherlands, Jordan, Indonesia

  • About three million tons of Basmati Rice is expected to be exported during this current year

  • Long-Grain Basmati Rice: India‟s long-grain Basmati rice production has been growing strongly after the introduction of the PUSA 1121 variety, an evolved high-yielding variety, grown mostly in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh. Although no official figures are available, industry sources report Basmati rice production in MY 2011/12 at 5.8 million tons from 1.8 million hectares, about 20 percent higher than last year in response to higher prices vis-ŕ-vis the MSP for common rice varieties. Record Basmati production coupled with low demand from the rice milers led to a strong decline in Basmati paddy prices paid to farmers, so farmers are expected to move away from Basmati rice in the upcoming MY 2012/13 season. Consequently, Basmati production in MY 2012/13 is forecast to decline to 4.5 million tons from 1.5 million hectares.

  • Exports of Basmati rice continued to be allowed subject to a minimum export price (MEP)

  • Saudi Arabia imported rice worth US$ 1,150 million in the year 2008. India was the top supplier of rice to Saudi Arabia with value of US$ 786 million and share of 68.3%. Pakistan was the 2nd top supplier of rice to Saudi Arabia with value of US$ 136 million and share of 11.8%. USA was 3rd the top supplier of rice to Saudi Arabia with value of US$ 117 million and share of 10.2%.


  • Basmati Rice: Genetics, Breeding and Trade
  • Breeding Potential
  • Economics of Cultivation
  • Why is so popular
  • Specification


  • Branded Basmati Rice
  • Haryana company brand
  • Ahmedabad company
  • Best
  • Diluting a brand
  • 'Dawat' and 'Heritage'.
  • India Gate, Taj Mahal, Doon
  • Chandigarh-based company
  • Haryana Company
  • Tilda
  • Gujarat company
  • Private label products - Pakistan
  • Philippines Launches Campaign to Brand Its Fragrant Rice, Will Compete with Basmati

India Scenario

  • India is global leader in Basmati rice
  • Indian Influence in the Market
  • Export Promotion research
  • Trade Policy
  • Agricultural Export Marketing System
  • Grain and Feed Annual - 2012
  • Rice Exports Developments - 2009
  • Export developments
  • Indian Exports - country wise, year wise
  • Improved varieties of rice
  • GM Rice Trials
  • Regulation
  • National Exchange
  • Dominant & integrated player across the Basmati rice value chain
  • Government Newsletter

Pakistan related Scenario

  • India - Pakistan competition Continues
  • Potential Markets
  • Major player - Pakistan
  • Pakistan Grain and Feed Annual 2012
  • Pakistan Rice Trade Data - 2008
  • Vibrant Pakistan
  • Pakistan: Basmati rice production to be increased
  • Efforts to Reduce taxes on Pakistani rice
  • The implication of South Asian Free Trade Agreement  on Pakistan‘s Economy
  • Rice Research Institute at Kala Shah Kaku in Pakistan


Patents & Related Issues

  • Basmati Dispute
  • Rice Authentication
  • Geographical Indication
  • Authenticity Testing
  • The Fair Trading Act
  • Intellectual Property in India


  • Suppliers / exporters - India

Company Profile

  • Major Player - India
  • Company - market share
  • Company - Credit Rating
  • Company - sonepat
  • Company performance analysed
  • Company - annual report


  • List of Importers
  • Links & Contacts
  • Sample Trade Leads
  • Links to Current Trade Leads from Internet
  • Source of market intelligence
  • American Distributor
  • Company in Brazil
  • Computerized database on its imports & exports


  • Implications of Liberalization of Trade
  • Food Chain Partnership
  • Indian Government programmes
  • Basmati Export Development Foundation
  • Company - Legal Issue

International Market Scenario

  • U.S. Aromatic Rices
  • EU Commission defends Basmati rice import policy
  • EU restricts Basmati rice varieties eligible for
    reduced import tariffs
  • Exporting to China
  • Rice exports from India
  • Retail Sector in India
  • Imports under EC Regulation 972/2006
  • UAE Regulatory Issue
  • Contaminated export consignments
  • Bangladesh To Produce Aromatic Fine Rice
  • Competition data for basmati trade
  • SAARC Trade
  • Srilanka Imports
  • Insights - Magazine
  • Non-Tariff barriers

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