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  • Bentazon is a herbicide used to control weeds in food/feed crops. Bentazon is also registered for
    weed control on turf (golf course, sod farm). Bentazon is applied using ground and aerial
    equipment by farm workers and professional applicators.
  • Used as a post-emergence herbicide with activity against a wide range of broadleaf weeds, as well as yellow nutsedge.
  • Bentazon selectively controls many sedge weeds. Selective postemergence control of many broadleaf weeds in alfalfa, asparagus, cereals, clover, digitalis, flax, garlic, grasses, lawns, narcissus, onions, ornamental turf, potatoes, sorghum, sugarcane, soybeans, rice, corn, peanuts, dry beans, dry peas, snap beans for seed, green (succulent) lima beans, & mint.
  • Controls a number of broadleaved and sedge weeds primarily by contact actionin most graminous and many large seeded leguminous crops.
  • A post-emergence herbicide with activity against a wide range of broadleaf weeds, as well as yellow nutsedge.
  • All types of beans, including soybeans, corn, sorghum, peanuts, peas, established alfalfa, lawns, rice are tolerant to bentazon/, while soybean and Canada thistle show differential activity.
  • Bentazon also is registered for use on ornamental lawns and turf. Most bentazon used in the U.S. (73%) is applied to soybean crops.
  • Bentazon may be applied either aerially or using ground equipment (except to lawns and turf, which may be treated using ground equipment only).
  • Formulations include a flowable concentrate and a soluble concentrate/liquid.
  • Use practice limitations prohibit applying bentazon through any type of irrigation system; discharging effluent containing the product into sewage systems or bodies of water; using treated plants for feed or forage and treating crops/sites within 30 to 75 days of harvest or 12 to 50 days of grazing.
  • Bentazon is slightly acutely toxic by the oral, dermal and inhalation
    routes, and has been placed in Toxicity Category III (the second-to-lowest of four categories) for these effects. It is a skin sensitizer in guinea pigs.
  • Bentazon
  • Bentazon-Introduction
  • Bentazon - Herbicide profile
  • Chemical fact sheet
  • Bentazon facts


  • Electrochemical oxidation of bentazon at a glassy carbon electrode
  • Application of Basagran
  • Herbicide Formulations and Calculations: Active Ingredient or Acid Equivalent?
  • Effect of Bentazon, a Hill Reaction Inhibitor, on Symbiotic
    Nitrogen-fixing Capability and Apparent Photosynthesis
  • BENTAZON-MCPA EFFECT ON Fusarium oxysporum ROOT
    ROT ON Trifolium pratense IN GREENHOUSE
  • Response of leading Bell pepper varieties to Bentazon herbicide
  • The Bentazon Herbicide Tolerance Factor in Bohemian Chili Pepper:


  • Storm herbicide
  • Troy 480
  • 6-Hydroxy Bentazon
  • Bentazon-d7
  • Bentazone
  • Bentazone 480 SL
  • Basagran Forte
  • Bentazon

Product label

  • Bentazone 480 SL
  • Conclude XCAT
  • AG-Bentazone
  • Basagran herbicide
  • Basagran sedge control


  • Bentazon containing wastewater treatment
  • Rice bentazon and sulfonylurea herbicide resistant gene Cyp81a6
  • Synergistic herbicidal composition containing penoxsulam and Bentazon
  • Herbicidal compositions comprising dimethenamid and bentazone
  • Herbicidal compositions comprising benzofuryloxyphenylurea or benzopyranyloxyphenylurea herbicides and dicamba, triclopyr, mecoprop, fluroxypyr, bentazone, or metribuzin
  • Process of photocatalytic degradation of bentazon.
  • Suppliers of Bentazon
  • Manufacturers of Bentazon
  • Selling leads of Bentazon
  • Bentazon Suppliers
  • Exporters of Bentazon
  • Bentazon Suppliers list
  • Trading leads of Bentazon

Company, Consultancy & Market

  • Company from China
  • Online Consultancy1
  • Online Consultancy2
  • Price list of Herbicides

Mode of action

  • Herbicide Mode-Of-Action Summary
  • Understand the mode of action and persistence of ornamental herbicides
  • Herbicide mode of action category
  • Turfgrass Herbicide Mode -of-Action and Environmental Fate
  • Herbicides


  • Toxicological review of Bentazon
  • Extension toxicology network
  • Bentazon - Identification & toxicity
  • Bentazon (Basagran) - Risk information


  • Responses to Major Comments on Technical Support Document
  • Public Health Goal for
    Bentazon in Drinking Water
  • Herbicide Update and Weed Management in Peas and Beans
  • Spray nozzle and adjuvant effects on bentazon efficacy.
  • IR-4 Ornamental Horticulture Program Bentazon Crop Safety
  • Bentazone


  • Phytotoxicity of Bentazon to Woody and Herbaceous Landscape Plants
  • Adsorption of bentazon on activated carbon prepared
    from Lawsonia inermis wood: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
  • Germination and Mycelial growth of Bipolaris Euphorbiae muchovej
  • Herbicide to Kill Pachysandra

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