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  • The other names of benzyl benzoate are benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester, benylate, ascabin, phenylmethyl benzoate, scabagen,vanzoate, benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol.
  • Benzyl benzoate chemical formula is C14H12O2 and the specification of melting point is 18-20 degree c and boiling point is 324 degree c.
  • It is the Colourless oily liquid or leaflets depend on temperature and Stable under ordinary conditions. it appearance is Colourless oily liquid and acid value is maximum 0.3 mg koh/g.
  • The raw material of benzyl benzoate are benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol.
  • It is used for the process of drugs and especially for antispasmodic drugs as a scabicides and to treat pediculosis.
  • It is a white, crystalline organic compound and a family carboxylic acids. It has a carboxyl group bound directly to a benzene ring and the water sales specification is maximum 0.2%.
  • Benzyl benzoate have a faint, aromatic odor and a burning state and it contains not less than 99.0% of chemical formula.
  • It is practically insoluble at water and specific gravity about 1.123 and the congealing point is 17 degree Celsius.
  • The colourless oil liquid formed the consideration product of benzyl alcohol & benzoic acid. it can generate by tishchenko reaction from benzaldehyde.
  • It precautions is immediately after using Benzyl Benzoate wash your hands to remove any medicine that may be on them and it contains percentage of chemical is 25% w/w of benzyl benzoate in suitable for oil in water emulsified base.
  • It is a  topical solution and used as anti-parasitic insecticide that kills lice and the mites responsible for the skin condition scabies. it also used anti scabies, as a treatment for sweet itch in horses.
  • Characteristics of benzyl benzoate
  • Description of benzyl benzoate
  • The Efficiency of benzyl benzoate sprays in killing the storage mite
  • Classification of benzyl benzoate
  • Synonym of benzyl benzoate
  • Chemical structure of benzyl benzoate


  • Msds of benzyl benzoate
  • Benzyl benzoate application
  • Msds of benzoic acid
  • Msds of benzyl ester
  • Msds of phenylmethyl ester
  • Msds of Benylate
  • Data sheet of benzyl benzoate
  • Msds1 of benzyl benzoate
  • Data sheet1 of benzyl benzoate

Manufacturing process & Products

  • Process of benzyl benzoate
  • Benzyl alcohol & benzoic acid and its salt and benzyl ester
  • Product of benzyl benzoate
  • Product information of benzyl benzoate
  • Product of benzyl benzoate EP/BP/USP
  • Product description of benzyl benzoate
  • Product detailed information of benzyl benzoate
  • Product specification of benzyl benzoate


  • Aqueous miticide containing benzyl benzoate
  • Dust mite control composition containing benzyl benzoate & alcohol
  • Method for processing a tar containing benzyl benzoate
  • Process for recovering benzyl benzoate

Raw material suppliers

  • Raw material suppliers of benzyl alcohol
  • Raw material suppliers of benzoic acid
  • Suppliers from India
  • Suppliers from India1
  • Suppliers from India2
  • Suppliers from China
  • Suppliers from China1
  • Suppliers from China2
  • Suppliers from Mumbai
  • List of benzyl benzoate suppliers
  • List1 of benzyl benzoate suppliers

Company profiles

  • Company from India
  • Company from India1
  • Company from India2
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Company from Kolkata
  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from Nagpur
  • Company from Pondicherry


  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from Karnataka
  • How to use benzyl benzoate
  • Use of benzyl benzoate
  • Uses for benzyl benzoate


  • Effect of applications of benzyl benzoate on house dust mite allergen levels
  • Human health effects
  • Benzyl benzoate side effect

Market & Report

  • Low priced benzyl benzoate
  • Report of benzyl benzoate
  • Trade report of benzyl benzoate


  • Study of benzyl benzoate
  • Evaluation of oil of cedrus deodara & benzyl benzoate in sheep
  • New benzyl benzoate from the arrial parts of solidago
  • Invermectin versus benzyl benzoate applied once or twice to treat human scabies in Dakar

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