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  • Simulated caviar, also named as imitation caviar is defined as salted roe that comes from a fish other than the sturgeon, and can be classified as a caviar substitute.
  • Roe is the generic term for female fish eggs (hard roe) or the milt of male fish (soft roe). Mfish roe is edible. Some popular roes come from sturgeon, lumpfish, salmon, and whitefish. Roe is marketed fresh, frozen, in brine, smoked and canned.
  • Human consumption is one amongst several final destinations for fish roe. Fish eggs mayutilised as bait for recreational fish angling. After fertilisation, they may be traded and used for fish farming or for hatchery programmes.
  • The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries also
    appreciate fish eggs for their specific chemical properties
  • The eggs of more than 38 species of fish, besides sturgeons, and three species of other animals are used to produce substitutes.
  • About 15 ‘caviar-like’ preparations are used as raw materials – such as fish flesh, seaweed, and others mixtures. Five products can be considered simulations; few use caviar as a component in their production recipes.
  • A variety of objects (unrelated to caviar) are currently marketed, but use ‘caviar’ in their trademark.
Basic Information
  • Information for Trade
  • The reproduction of Siberian sturgeon
  • Fact Sheet
  • Caviar processing

Processing Companies

  • Companies - suppliers
  • Companies - Salmon Caviar
  • Companies - Russia
  • Companies in Spain

Consultants & Equipments Suppliers

  • The production of lumpfish caviar
  • Roe Processing Consultant
  • Roe Extraction Processing
  • Roe Processing & Machinery
  • Russian Company
  • Company in Russia
  • Russian Machinery
  • Salmon eviscerating units
  • Weighing & Packing Machinery

Production & Process

  • The process of making lumpfish
  • Salmon Roe Caviar
  • Paddle Fish
  • Caviar Processing
  • Video Clips
  • Method for collecting sturgeon eggs using a catheter
  • New sustainable caviar production

Policy and Conservation Act

  • Caviar Regulation
  • Conservation


  • Device for the production of granular caviar substitute


  • Caviar-related products
  • Fish Eggs for Caviar and Bait

Types & Varieties

  • Product  Differentiation
  • Quality and authenticity assessment


  • Fish Roe Market - Europe
  • The Spanish Market
  • The Canadian Market place
  • The market potential for fish roe products in
    the Irish seafood industry
  • Thailand Trade


  • European freshwater fisheries industry


  • Process Guide
  • Labelling Requirements
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