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  • A crown ether is a molecule containing hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms. Each oxygen atom is bound between two of the carbon atoms and arranged in a ring (hence "crown").
  • Crown ethers are named as x-crown-y where x denotes the total number of atoms in the cyclic backbone and y denotes the number of oxygen atoms.
  • Because of their strong binding ability, crown ethers are often added to reactions with ionic reagents, in which the reacting part is the anion.
  • The cation is bound by the
    crown ether, which ensures solubility, while the anion, in the organic solvent, is
    practically free of solvation and thus very reactive.
  • The original crown ether discovered by Charles Pedersen has six oxygen atoms exposed along the inside wall of the ring.
  • In accepting specific atoms lock and key fashion, crown ethers mimic in a relatively
    uncomplicated way the very complicated functions of biological materials such as
  • Crown ethers also have potential to be used as "scavengers" to remove certain elements like radioactive strontium from the environment or to regulate concentrations of
    sodium in the blood.
  • Crown ethers containing hydrophobic exteriors are lipophilic hosts, which can include cations, especially alkali and alkaline earth metal ion, into their cavities via an ion-dipole interaction.
  • Crown ether is the other important class of phase-transfer catalysts which critically differs from the onium salt, in that the whole inorganic salt is transferred into the organic phase.
  • The reaction modes described above can generally be accommodated in such crown ether-catalyzed reactions, simply by replacing the onium cation by a metal cation complex of crown ether.
  • An interesting thing about a crown ether is that the ring can capture a positively
    charged ion like a metal ion and an ammonium ion. The negatively charged electrons
    of the oxygen atomspointing inward are used to attract and catch the ion. This
    property made including pulling ionic substances into organic solvent.
  • Since crown ethers are the molecules that was chosen to bind the sodium cation
    contaminants in waste water, they were chemically modified to allow polymer
  • Crown ethers have been considered as a useful medium for isotope separation.
  • The ability of crown ethers to complex cations has been used to study a large number of applications such as the production of sensors and the selective extraction of cations or the ionic transport in membranes.
  • Crown Ethers.
  • General Information.
  • Discovery of Crown Ethers.
  • Molecular Crowns-Crown Ethers.
  • Information about  Crown Ethers.
  • What is Crown Ethers?
  • Crown Ethers-Introduction to Molecular Recognition.


  • Crown Ether/Decyl-18-crown-6.
  • Crown Ether/18-Crown-6.
  • Crown Ether/Dibenzopyridino-18-Crown-6.
  • Msds of Crown Ether/12-Crown-4.
  • Aza-18-Crown-6, 98% -MSDS.
  • Crown ether/N-Phenylaza-15-Crown-5.
  • 18-Crown-6, 99% MSDS.
  • Msds of 12-Crown-4.
  • Safety Sheet of 18-Crown-6.


  • PB Resin.
  • SR Resin.


  • Synthesis of carbohydrate-based Crown ethers and their application in enantioselective reactions.
  • Synthesis and molecular recognition of proton ionizable crown ethers.
  • Synthesis of crown ethers based on 9,9-Bis-(4-hydroxyphenyl)fluorene.
  • One-pot synthesis of novel thioxanthone crown ethers.
  • Purification of waste water with crown ethers anchored on a solid support.
  • Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of new crown ethers of schiff base type.
  • New soluble subphthalocyanine substituted with crown ethers.
  • Synthesis of a Novel D-Glucose-Conjugated 15-Crown-5 ether with a spiro ketal structure.


  • Chiral Crown Ethers.
  • Calixarene Crown Ether solvent composition and use for extraction of cesium from alkaline waste solutions.
  • Perfluoro-crown ethers in fluorine magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Method of preparing a nanoparticle iron-crown ether complex.
  • Crown Ether derivatives.
  • Process for separating by means of crown ethers the uranium and plutonium present in an aqueous medium.


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  • List of Suppliers.

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  • Isotope Effects of Zinc in Crown Ether Chromatography.
  • Field-Dependent Effect of Crown Ether on ionic conductance of alpha-Hemolysin channels.
  • Effects of Crown ethers and small amounts of co solvent on the activity.


  • Industrial Phase-Transfer Catalysis.
  • New Columnar crown ether derivatives.
  • Design and synthesis of next generation of Crown ethers for waste separations.
  • Effect of the presence of crown ether on ion transport across the lipid bilayer.
  • Phase-Transfer Reactions.
  • Tweezer-like complexes of Crown Ethers with divalent metals.


  • Interlayer adsorption of macro cyclic compounds in 2:1 phyllosilicates.
  • Electrostatic reduction of crown ether complexation.
  • Crown Ether Palladacycles as metalloligands.
  • Complexation studies of crown ethers with alkali metal cations in methanol.
  • Benzo-containing cage-annulated crown ethers.
  • Crown ethers bearing 18C6 unit.
  • Selective Binding of NH4+ by redox-active crown ethers.
  • Molecular Design of Crown ethers.
  • Rigid-Strut-Containing Crown Ethers and Catenanes for incorporation into metal-organic frameworks.
  • Phosphine an pyridine functionalized crown ethers.
  • Phase transfer catalysis.
  • Non-Covalent chemical modification of crown ether.


  • Synthesis of Crown Ether ligands for use in metal organic frameworks.
  • Application of macrocycle compounds for metal ions separation and removal.
  • Application of Crown Ethers and ferrocyanide based inorganic material for strontium recovery.
  • Crown Ethers: application in inorganic synthesis.
  • Application of crown ethers as phase transfer catalysis in the electron transfer reactions of coal.

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