Dendritic Polymers
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  • Dendritic polymers are repetitively branched molecules. Synonymous terms for dendritic polymers include dendrimer, arborols and cascade molecules.
  • Dendrimers are a unique class of synthetic macromolecules having highly branched,
    three dimensional, nanoscale architecture with very low poly dispersity and high
  • Dendritic polymers are belonging to hyper-branched macromolecules. They composed of a large number of monomer units that were chemically linked together.
  • One of the very first dendrimers, the Newkome dendrimer, was synthesized in 1985. This macromolecule is also commonly known by the name arborol.
  • Poly(amidoamine), or PAMAM, is perhaps the most well known dendrimer. The core of PAMAM is a diamine (commonly ethylenediamine), which is reacted with methyl
    acrylate, and then another ethylenediamine to make the generation-0 (G-0) PAMAM.
  • It can be considered to have three major portions: a core, an inner shell, and an outer shell. Ideally, a dendrimer can be synthesized to have different functionality in
    each of these portions to control properties such as solubility, thermal stability, and attachment of compounds for particular applications.
  • There are two defined methods of dendrimer synthesis, divergent synthesis and convergent synthesis.
  • Applications of dendrimers typically involve conjugating other chemical species to the
    dendrimer surface that can function as detecting agents,
    affinity ligands, targeting components, radioligands, imaging agents, or
    pharmaceutically active compounds.
  • Dendrimers are also being investigated for use as blood substitutes. Their steric bulk
    surrounding a heme-mimetic centre significantly slows degradation compared to free heme, and prevents the cytotoxicity exhibited by free heme.
  • The dendritic molecules comprise arms, each of which arms is a polymer. These molecules can be synthesised by way of a reasonably small number of versatile and reliable step-wise reactions, especially chemistry reactions.
  • Dendritic Polymers.
  • Introduction.
  • General Infomation.
  • Properties.
  • Overview.
  • Dendrimers.
  • PAMAM-Dendrimer.
  • Structure of PAMAM-Dendrimer.


  • Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) Dendrimer.
  • DL-Dithiothreitol - Cleland's Reagent.


  • Thiophosphoryl-PMMH-6 Dendrimer MSDS.
  • PMMH-24 Dendrimer Safety Data Sheet.
  • MSDS of Dendrimer.
  • Data sheet of PAMAM dendrimer .
  • Ethylenediamine core MSDS.


  • Dendritic Polymer macromolecular carriers for drug delivery.
  • Dendritic Polymers as Anti-infective Agents.
  • Glass Transition behaviour of Dendritic Polymers containaing Mobile Aliphatic polyether cores.
  • Micellar behaviour of a well-defined dendritic polymer.
  • Multiscale modeling and simulation methods with applications to dendritic polymers.
  • Optical Properties of PET compounded with a dendritic polymer additive.
  • Rouse Dynamics of Polymer networks bearing dendritic wedges.
  • Self-assembly of cholesterol-hydrotropic dendrimer.
  • Synthesis, molecular characterization & theoretical study of first generation dendritic homopolymers.
  • Performances of an acrylated dendritic polyester in a UV coating formulation.

Company Profile & Consultants

  • Company from Michigan.
  • Company from Sweden.
  • Company from USA.
  • Consultancy from NewYork.


  • Dendritic polymers on solubilization and controlled release of paclitaxel.
  • Funtional dendrimers, hyperbranced and star polymers.


  • Synthesis of PAMAM Dendrimers bearing BINOL derivative.
  • Poly(Amidoamine) dendrimer-templated Nanocomposites.
  • Convergent Synthesis of PAMAM-like dendrimers from Azide-functionalized PAMAM Dedrons.
  • Synthesis of unsymmetrical PAMAM dendrimers using a divergent approach.
  • Synthesis and CZE analysis of PAMAM dendrimers with an ethylenediamine core.
  • Magnetic alloy nanoparticles by using PAMAM dendrimer as template.
  • Dendrimers and dendrimer-polymer hybrids.


  • Enhanced amplification and interior functionality.
  • Disulfide-containing Dendritic Polymers.
  • Extraction of metals from solid mixtures using dendritic macromolecules.
  • Flame Retardant composition.
  • Dendrimers for the capture & neutralization of biological & chemical agents.
  • Hare care composition comprising a dendrimers.
  • Dendritic Molecules.
  • Nanocomposites of dendritic polymers.
  • Novel dendritic polymers and its biomedical uses.
  • Oxygen Scavenging Dendrimers.
  • Dispersants for hydrophobic particles in water-based systems.


  • Therapeutic & diagnostic uses of dendrimers for cancer treatment.
  • Applications of dendrimers in bio-organic chemistry.
  • Dendrimer-encapsulated metal nanoparticles & uses to catalysis.
  • Chiral dendrimers for photonic applications.
  • Engineering dendrimers for biological uses.
  • Dendritic Polymers as fire suppressants.



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