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  • Dipentene is used to describe any mixture of terpene hydrocarbons, usually p-menthadienes
  • While the term in the scientific literature generally refers to rasemic d,l-limonene, (±)-1,8-p-menthadiene.
  • Dipentene is produced from the distillation of crude turpentine and as a by-product from pine oil and camphor processes.
  • The excellent solvency of dipentenes, along with its wetting and dispersing properties make it suitable for use in rubber
  • Processing and reclaiming, in paint and varnish applications, in cleaners, waxes and polishes and in oil drilling operations
  • Dipentene is a terpene liquid, a class of hydrocarbons produced by plants, that is colorless with a lemon-like odor.
  • It is most commonly used as a solvent in a variety of products.
  • It is a high production volume chemical with US annual production over 1,000,000 pounds.
  • It is only known as limonene.
  • The optically inactive form of limonene, the dipentene, has been found frequently in nature, though not as commonly as limonene.
  • It must also be born in mind that the dipentene identified may have been formed from pinene or limonene during the process of fractionating the oil.
  • Dipentene is a terpene liquid found in various volatile oils such as cardamon, mace, nutmeg , turpentine oil.
  • This term is also referred to the racemic mixture of limonene.
  • Dipentene is used as a solvent for resins, alkyds and waxes and to make paints, enamels, lacquers and polishes.
  • It is used as a perfumery composition for soaps, personal care products and cosmetics.
  • It is used as an intermediate for terpene resins, carvone, terylene, and rubber chemicals.
  • It is used as an oils dispersant, metal dryer.
    It is used as a substitute for chlorinated solvents in degreasing metals for cleaning in the electronic industry and the printing industry.
  • Alpha-limonene has been used as a gallstone solubilizer in  pharmaceutical industry.
  • Dipentene has been found in the following oils
  •  In the oils from the turpentines of different species of pinus, in pine tar oils, in the needle oil from picea excelsa, in swedish turpentine oil, in siberian pine needle oil
  • The needle oil from callitris glauca, in the oils of palmarosa, lemongrass, citronella, gingergrass, cardamom, pepper, cubeb, nutmeg, boldo leaves, kuromoji, campher, cinnamon root, massoy-bark, apopin, bergamot, limette leaves, narrowly, wartara, buchu, frankincense, myrrh, myrtle, ajowan, coriander, cumin, and fennel,
  • Also in the oils of satureja thymbra, thymus capitatus, in american pennyroyal oil, in kessoroot oil and in goldenrod oil.
  • Dipentene general information
  • Dipentene description
  • Limonene
  • Application of industrial dipentene in preparation of fine chemical


  • Citratech classic
  • Dipentene 5100
  • Dipentene az (02b13as, 02b13ad)
  • Dipentene c10h16
  • Dipentene dimercaptan
  • Classified as hazardous according to nohsc criteria dipentene
  • Terpene hydrocarbon
  • Dipentene lpx (02b14as
  • Dipentene
  • Ecowoodoil –garden furniture oil
  • Dipentene gica (20b19as)
  • Loctite 7850
  • Organoil – hard burnishing floor oil or hard burnishing oil
  • Pine boost
  • Sylvapine® dpho
  • Dipentene, tech. ca 60%, remainder mainly beta-phellandrene


  • Dipentene138-86-3
  • Pine chemicals
  • Dipentene (50g)
  • Chemox pound
  • Suzhou megawide chemical co ltd
  • Dipentene (monocyclic terpene hydrocarbons)
  • Saifee chemicals
  • Terpene resin


  • Dipentene/beta-pinene copolymers and elastomers
  • Process for preparing terpene polymer compositions
  • Use of terpene hydrocarbons and ketone
  • Surface cleaning compositions
  • Topical gel formulation comprising organophosphate insecticide
  • Ski and surfboard wax remover
  • Heat generation process for treating oilfield deposits
  • Separation of ethanol from isopropanol by extractive distillation
  • Limonene, pinene, or other terpenes and their alcohols, aldehydes
  • Gallstone solubilizer
  • Adhesive extrusion for dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer laminates
  • Wheel cleaning composition containing acid fluoride salts
  • Tires and tread formed from phenol-aromatic-terpene resin
  • Photochemical synthesis of and trans-ocimene
  • Separation of acetone from isopropanol-water mixtures by extractive distillation


  • Consultancy from England
  • Consultancy from Usa
  • Consultancy from Usa 1


  • Dipentene 10
  • Applications and values contributed by pine oil
  • Dipentene dioxide
  • Dipentene special properties and uses
  • What is dipentene

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  • Concise international chemical assessment
  • Dipentene-c (cas 68956-56-9)
  • D-limonene
  • Federal register
  • Some observations regarding the status of the wood-distillation
  • Dipentene gica
  • Adhesive resins product
  • Industry and markets for
    forest extractives
  • Know-how in recycling of used tires by pyrolysis and combustion


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  • Glorychem co ltd
  • Graphic adhesive remover
  • p-menthadiene


  • (+)-dipentene basic information
  • 65996-99-8 dipentene
  • Dipentene dimercaptan
  • The crystal structure of dipentene platinum (ii) chloride


  • Study into the establishment of an aroma and fragrance fine chemicals value chain
  • Catalytic dehydrogenation and cracking of industrial dipentene


  • Dipentene-c
  • The industrial uses of d-limeonene
  • Mechanistic investigation into the formation of polycyclic aromatic
    hydrocarbons from the pyrolysis of terpenes
  • Turpentine production and processing


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