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  • An electric meter or energy meter is a device that measures the amount of electrical energy supplied to or produced by a residence, business or machine.
  • The most common type is more properly known as a kilowatt hour meter or a joule meter.
  • When used in electricity retailing, the Utilities record the values measured by these meters to generate an invoice for the electricity. They may also record other variables including the time when the electricity was used.
  • The meters fall into two basic categories, electromechanical and electronic.
  • A Smart meter generally refers to a type of advanced meter (usually an electrical meter) that identifies consumption in more detail than a conventional meter; and optionally, but generally, communicates that information via some network back to the local utility for monitoring and billing purposes (telemetering).
  • The term "Smart meter" typically refers to an electrical meter, but the term is also starting to be applied to the measurement of natural gas and water consumption.
  • Analog part of the solid-state energy meter consists of following blocks: two sigma-delta modulators, bandgap voltage reference, two buffer circuits, and analog multiplexer.
  • Large commercial and industrial premises may use electronic meters which record power usage in blocks of half an hour or less. This is because most electricity grids have demand surges throughout the day, and the power company may wish to give incentives to large customers to reduce demand at these times.
  • The electronic power meters are preferred both by the consumers and the energy enterprises because they offer significant advantages in the accounting process as accurate readouts, flexible schemes for tariffs, for payment and other possibilities.
  • Energy meters (e-meters) are used worldwide to account for individual usage of electricity at the location of delivery.
  • Historically these meters have been electromechanical in nature, and periodic on-site reading of the meters was necessary to collect usage information for customer billing.
  • The latest generation of meters is electronic and provides new features including networked communications, self-test, and intelligent accounting for various time periods.
  • The electronic metering raises demands for new technologies to be developed to utilize more deeply the information generated in the accounting process.
  • The technology under development is attempting to combine the modern tendencies in the information processing with the practical and standard means for realization.
  • Digital energy measurement technoogy is being used in millions of chinese energy meters todays. Some chinese meter manufacturers are eyeing the export market.
General Information
  • Information about Energy meter
  • How does your energy meter measure up?
  • Smart Meter


  • Company from NewDelhi
  • Company from Dutch
  • Company from Canada
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Hongkong
  • Company from NewJersey
  • Company from UnitedKingdom


  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from NewDelhi
  • Consultant from Netherlands
  • Consultant from NewDelhi
  • Consultant from UnitedKingdom
  • Consultant from Udaipur
  • Consultant from Singapore


  • Automated Energy Meter Reader on LAN
  • Calibration procedure for  single-phase energy meter
  • Top-level layout design of solid-state energy meter chip
  • Installation and Operating Manual 262-300 Process Control Digital Meter Relay
  • Energy meter interface using internet communications
  • A Low Cost Watt-Hour Energy Meter
  • Resistors for energy metering applications
  • Schematic representation of an energy meter
  • Three-Phase Electronic Watt-Hour Meter Design


  • Acoustic Energy meter
  • Electronic Energy meters
  • High-Performance Hand-Held Optical Power and Energy Meter
  • Three phase power energy meter
  • Katronic Provide Energy Metering Solution
  • Model 320 Energy Meter
  • Energy Meter Evaluation Module
  • Multical Energy meter
  • KWH-400 DIN Panel Mounted Kilowatt Hour Energy Meter
  • Single and three phase energy meter
  • Smart Card Reader
  • Single-Phase Power/Energy Meter with Tamper Detection
  • Rj-7600 Series Energy Meter
  • Brunata HGP-SIV static electronic energy meter
  • Life-Energy Field Meter


  • Tradeleads of Energy meter
  • Suppliers of energy meter
  • Manufacturers of energy meter
  • Energy meter Suppliers
  • Energymeter Manufacturers
  • Sellingleads of  Energy meter


  • Energy meter user's guide
  • Guidelines for Energy Accounting of Subdivisions
  • Plogg the Smart Energy meter Plug Terminal Software User Guide



  • Electronic energy meter for heating and cooling application
  • Three Phase Energy Metering IC with Pulse Output
  • Micro Power Meter for Energy Monitoring of Wireless Sensor Networks at Scale
  • A Low-end Approach to Tamper-proof Energy Metering with the AVR465


  • Meter Test Systems
  • Applied meters
  • Energy Meter Testing Laboratory (EMTL), Bangalore
  • Energy Meter Test Bench
  • Meter Testing & Standards Laboratory


  • Digital energy meter by the millions
  • RMS Calculation for Energy Meter Applications
  • RS-485 for E-Meter Applications
  • A Technology for Electronic Energy Meters Intelligent Accounting Using Distributed Database over TCP/IP Network


  • Heating Energy Meter Validation for Apartments
  • Smart meter project
  • Remote billing of energy meter using GSM Modem
  • Woking Energy Meter Project


  • System and method for calibrating an energy meter
  • Electrical-energy meter
  • Electrical energy meter with snap fit interlocking parts
  • Method of fabricating an energy meter
  • Energy Meter
  • Thermal Energy meter
  • Solid-state energy meter with time-of-use rate scheduling and load control circuit
  • Universal electronic energy meter for use with 4-wire standard services


  • Smart energy meters in Britain
  • Technical specification for fully static energy meters for distribution transformer metering
  • Electromagnetic immunity testing
  • Smart Meter Implementation Plan
  • Placing on the market and putting into use of active electrical energy meters
  • Supplement to Energywatch Report
  • Background report on thermal energy meters


  • Energy meters market
  • Energy data converters reduce cost and simplify meter design
  • Prepayment meter system code
  • Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement
  • Analog Devices Expands Energy Metering Portfolio

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