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  • Pipelines have been used for transportation of ethanol in Brazil, and there are several ethanol pipeline projects in Brazil and the United States.
  • Main problems related to the shipment of ethanol by pipeline are its high oxygen content, which makes it corrosive, and absorption of water and impurities in pipelines, which is not a problem with oil and natural gas.
  • Insufficient volumes and cost-effectiveness are other considerations limiting construction of ethanol pipelines.
  • Delivering ethanol by pipeline is the most desirable option, but ethanol's affinity for water and solvent properties require use of a dedicated pipeline or significant cleanup of existing pipelines.
  • EA Energy assumed 48% of ethanol would be moved by pipeline.
  • The pipeline system is a “wet” system containing
    residual amounts of moisture from petroleum products. In the case of neat denatured ethanol
    shipments, the product could pick up excessive water
  • In Brazil, the Transpetro Program for Ethanol Logistics gained impetus
    due to the Brazilian experience with alcohol technology, and the
    prediction that by 2014 demand for ethanol will reach 25 million m³ in
    the domestic market and 5.5 million m³ abroad.
  • Wider use of pipelines to transport ethanol is problematic for several reasons. It means addressing ethanol’s water affinity problem (ethanol is water soluble meaning it absorbs water).The second challenge to transporting ethanol by pipeline is the need to address corrosion issues. Ethanol-related corrosion problems can result from how ethanol behaves in the pipe.
  • In December 2008, Kinder Morgan began transpor- ting commercial batches of denatured ethanol along with gasoline shipments in its 16-inch Central Florida Pipeline (CFPL) from Tampa to Orlando, making CFPL the first transmarket gasoline pipeline in the United States to do so. The 16-inch pipeline previously only transported regular and premium gasoline.
  • Pipeline transport
  • Ethanol Transportation by Pipeline

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  • Company from China
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  • Consultancy from USA
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  • Ethanol Pipeline Equipment Supplier
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Safety & Risk

  • Pipeline Safety -Hazardous Liquid Pipelines transporting Ethanol
  • Prevention of Internal SCC in Ethanol Pipeline
  • Securing an ethanol pipeline
  • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  • Safe & Reliable Ethanol Transportation & Storage Technology Road mapping Workshop
  • NIST finds that ethanol-loving bacteria
    accelerate cracking of pipeline steels
  • Emerging Issues About Biofuels Under EPA's Emergency Response Program


  • Brazil: Leading sugar companies build ethanol pipeline
  • Ethanol Opportunities and Challenges
  • DOE: Ethanol pipeline feasible


  • Effect of Steel Microstructure and Ethanol-Gasoline blend ratio on Scc of Ethanol pipeline
  • Effects of Ethanol Fuel Chemistry on the Stress Corrosion Cracking
    and Passivation of Pipeline Steel

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  • Evaluation of  Pipeline-drying Techniques
  • Pipeline consideration for Ethanol
  • Dedicated Ethanol Pipeline
    Feasibility Study
  • Biofuels Industry Takes A
    Searching Look At Using Pipelines
  • Transportation of Biofuel Through Pipelines
  • HDPE Pipe in Ethanol Industrial
  • ORNL Ethanol Pipeline Corrosion Literature Study
  • Ethanol / Pipeline Technology Road Mapping Workshop


  • Method for drying pipelines
  • Fuel Tank System For Gasoline And Flexible Ethanol Powered Vehicles Using On-Demand Direct Ethanol Injection Octane Boost
  • Pipeline Pod Transport Method
  • Preventing corrosion during the pipeline transportation of coal slurries
  • Gel-like composition for use as a pig in a pipeline
  • Purge for Preventing Pipeline Contamination
  • Method and system for controlling withdrawal of liquid product from pipelines
  • Drag reduction method for gas pipelines


  • The Brazilian Pipeline Community
  • Current fuel Ethanol Industry Transportation, Marketing, Distribution and Technical Consideration
  • Current State of the U.S. Ethanol Industry
  • Ethanol Corrosion in Pipelines
  • Kinder Morgan Central Florida pipeline ethanol project
  • Overview of the Pipeline Industry in Brazil
  • Pipeline Transportation For Ethanol
  • Transportation and Terminal Infrastructure - Ethanol & Biodiesel Distribution
  • Building the world's longest ethanol pipeline
  • Midwest ethanol pipeline requires significant subsidy
  • Possibility of the Pipeline
  • Employment Impacts of a Dedicated Ethanol Pipeline
  • PETROBRAS Pipeline
    Expansion Program
  • Best Practices for Rail Transport of Fuel Ethanol
  • Fundamentals of a Sustainable U.S Biofuel Policy


  • Suppliers for Ethanol Pipeline
  • Ethanol Pipeline Supplier


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