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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Generally fender main objectives is to protect the ships hull from damage and it is used to absorb the kinetic energy of a boat or vessel berthing against a jetty, quay wall or other vessel.
  • It is the interface between a ship and the shore facilities.
  • Raw material of fender is rubber.
  • There are two types of fenders first one is ship to quay, and another one is ship-to-ship.
  • Properties of rubber fenders are energy absorption, hull pressure and reaction force and the elasticity of air to absorb energy.
  • The rubber material used for the fender is weather resistant. It is designed and manufactured with the performance levels necessary for each intended use.
  • In the market, the price of fenders expects to raise $200 million from the offering & according to a regulatory filing. The company has yet to say how many shares it will sell, or at what price. Now, fender hopes to use an estimated $100 million earned from the I.P.O. to cut its debt load.
  • Fenders define a hallow volume into which a variety of desired items can be placed for storage.
  • It is tied to elongated ropes which are threads through pulley bars mounted on the guard rail of the boat.
  • Advanced light plug-in electric vehicle will be presented in manufacturing fender.
  • The costs of the fenders contained by VF are comparable to the costs of for example SLS by the same model and the size of the fenders meets the possibilities of vacuum forming.
  • Rubber fender, chains and accessories, steel panel paited with corrosion protection paints, fender fixing anchors & bolts these are the main components of a fender system.


  • Fenders for locks, dry locks & jetty corners
  • Fender rolling instructions
  • Fender system design
  • The technology for low-volume manufacturing of fenders
  • Traditional rope fenders
  • Who needs fenders


  • Msds of fenders
  • Star brite inflatable boat & fender cleaner

Manufacturing process

  • Fender bending production
  • Fender production
  • Manufacture of fenders


  • Product of Cell fenders
  • Roller fenders


  • Fenders storage compartment
  • Adjustable boat fenders system
  • Vehicle body structure for fitting pillar garnish
  • Aerodynamic flex fender
  • Method of preparing discarded automobile fenders
  • Plastic fender for motor vehicle
  • Protecting pad for automobile fenders


  • Fender Manufacturing


  • Suppliers from India
  • Indian Suppliers
  • Suppliers from china
  • List of suppliers

Raw material suppliers

  • Rubbers

Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey provider from US

Company profiles

  • Company from Malaysia
  • Company from Netherlands
  • Company from New Zealand
  • Company from UK


  • Consultancy from UK


  • Useful life of rubber
    marine fenders
  • Multi-purpose
  • Guide to fenders


  • Fender Design Criteria
  • Fender design & insulation of farrowing huts
  • Fender mustang floor multi effects pedal


  • Fender looks to rock the public markets
  • Civia market 48 fenders
  • Fender's company plans listing on US market


  • Fender Design
  • Noreq fenders


  • Final report of fenders
  • Feasibility report of fenders


  • Study on fender monitoring system
  • Statistical design of fender for berthing ship
  • Selection of fender
  • Fender system behaviour
  • Study on the temperature & velocity dependency for marine fenders


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