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  • Iron(II) chloride, also known as ferrous chloride, is the chemical compound of formula FeCl2.
  • It has a high melting point, paramagnetic solid, usually obtained as an off-white solid.
  • FeCl2 crystallizes from water as the greenish tetrahydrate, which is the form that is most commonly encountered in commerce and the laboratory.
  • Ferrous chloride is conveniently prepared using a methanol solution of concentrated hydrochloric acid.
  • This reaction gives the methanol solvate, which upon heating in a vacuum at about 160 °C gives anhydrous FeCl2.
  • FeBr2 and FeI2 can be prepared analogously.
  • FeCl2 prepared in this way exhibits convenient solubility in tetrahydrofuran, a common solvent for chemical reactions.
  • In one of two classic syntheses of ferrocene, Wilkinson generated FeCl2 by heating FeCl3 with iron powder.
    Ferric chloride decomposes to ferrous chloride at high temperatures.
  • By introducing chlorine gas to ferrous chloride, it is possible to regenerate ferric chloride.
  • Pollution Prevention team need to determine how much chlorine gas is required to convert the  ferrous into ferric chloride.
  • Ferrous chloride is to find another cleaning agent for the manufactured products.
  • Ferrous chloride has a variety of niche applications, but the related compounds ferrous sulfate and ferric chloride enjoy more applications.
  • Aside from use in the laboratory synthesis of iron complexes, ferrous chloride serves as a reducing flocculating agent in wastewater treatment,
    especially for wastes containing chromate.
  • It is the precursor to hydrated iron(III) oxides that are magnetic pigments.
  • Ferrous chloride employed as a reducing agent in organic synthesis.


  • Ferrous Chloride


  • Analysis of iron(II)/iron(III) phytosiderophore complexes by nano-electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
  • Effects of Ferrous Chloride and Iron-Dextran on Lipid Peroxidation In Vivo in Vitamin E and Selenium Adequate and Deficient Rats1
  • Extraction of zinc(II), iron (III) & Iron (II) with Binary Mixtures containing tributyl phosphate & diethylhexyl phosphoric acid or cyanex
  • Iron(ii)-mediated fragmentation of unsaturated hydroperoxy acetals: a rapid synthetic route to 13-membered macrolides
  • Polymerization of methyl methacrylate in the presence of iron(II) complex with tetradentate nitrogen ligands under conditions of atom transfer radical polymerization
  • Synthesis and Sublimation Kinetics of a Highly Volatile Asymmetric Iron(II) Amidinate
  • Method For Preparing Ferric Chloride
  • Manufacture of ferric sulfate and hydrochloric acid from ferrous chloride
  • Method of producing ferrous sulfate heptahydrate
  • Process of preparing iron oxide from ferrous chloride
  • Process for the preparation of ferrous chloride
  • Production of concentrated aqueous solutions of ferric chloride
  • Ferrous Chloride
  • Ferrous Chloride Msds
  • Ferrous Chloride Msds
  • Safety Data for Ferrous chloride
  • Ferrous Chloride Msds
  • Ferrous Chloride
Application & Product
  • Ferrous chloride Solution
  • Ferrous chloride
  • Phosphorous removal
  • Effect of Fortification with Iron on Susceptibility of Skim Milk and Nonfat Dry Milk to Oxidation
  • Increasing utilisation efficiency of ferric chloride etchant in industrial photochemical machining
  • Making silica rock coatings in the lab: synthetic desert varnish
  • Modeling ferrous–ferric iron chemistry with application to martian surface geochemistry
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  • Models for Cytochrome P450 Prosthetic Heme Alkylation. Reaction of Diazoacetophenone with iron(II) Chloride
  • Program for Manufacturing Excellence
  • Polymerization of Acrylates with MAO Activated Iron(II) Complexes
  • Toronto Report

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