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  • There is Growing Demand for Professional Pilots and the need for training schools
  • Many pilots look to corporate aviation as an alternative to the most common airline career track. With forecasted deliveries so strong and improving economic conditions, corporate aviation will offer many pilot job opportunities over the next decade
  • The investment required for starting & managing Flight Training School depends on the Licenses & ratings to be offered type of aircrafts, Qualifications of Flight Instructors to be employed
  • Starting at the regional airline level, pilots can expect to earn over $30,000, during their second year of employment, and during their fourth year of employment, pilots earn over $45,000.
  • Initial cost estimates for starting the flight school is roughly three million dollars. This
    money must be secured up front as all equipment must be in place from the beginning.
    Once the flight academy opens for business, it must be self sustaining from day one
  • The simulator can also be used to practice any Instrument Approach procedure (IAP) for any airfield . Further, the Simulator can be programmed to simulate varying visibility / RVR conditions, either during day or night
  • Graduates from the professional flight program serve in the fields of military,
    commercial, governmental, industrial and scientific areas of aviation
  • Approval is required from The Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India
  • There are around 40 approved fl ying training institutes in India out of which 17 are functional. The training of commercial pilot is a time consuming process. At present, only 100 pilots graduate from these flying schools every year. On the short term demand basis there would be a requirement of at least 150 pilots per year as replacements for retirements and normal attrition
Business Plan and Feasibility Study
  • Project Proposal
  • Aviation Feasibility Study
  • Building Recreational Flight Simulators


  • General Aviation
  • Administrative Regulations
  • Forming & Operating Flying Club
  • Airports & Flight Training
  • Flying Club Policy
  • Training Cost
  • Pricing for Private Pilots License
  • Training Guide
  • Airspace Modelling
  • About Flight Simulators
  • Flight Simulation Training Systems
  • Flight Simulator
  • Buying Flight Simulator
  • Evidence-Based Training
  • Training Report

World of Flight Training

  • IATA Training & Development Institute
  • Pilot Training Centre
  • Training Brochure & costing
  • Training Package
  • Chopper pilot training centre
  • Flight Training Academy
  • Flying Club - FAQ
  • A Career in Simulation
  • South African Organization
  • Flight Training - South Africa
  • Directory of Flight Schools in the USA
  • Consultancy Organization
  • Software for flight Training
  • The Feasibility of Computer-Based
    Safety Training
  • Market for Flight Training schools
Rules and Regulations
  • Directorate of Flight Training - Regulations &  Procedures
  • Approval for flight training schools
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Procedures Relating to Registration/Deregistration of aircraft.
  • Online examination - guidelines
  • Contact of Officals
  • The License for Commercial Pilots
  • Sample book of regulations
  • How to Be a Pilot
  • Becoming a Pilot
  • Private Pilot License - Course Outline
  • Flight School Accreditation Standards
  • Approval Certificate
  • Import of Aircrafts
  • Case Study - Tax Issues
  • Evaluation, Certification and Maintenance of Helicopter Flight Simulators and Synthetic Flight Training Devices.
Flight Training Schools in India
  • Training Centre - Mumbai
  • Flying school - India
  • Mumbai Institute
  • Indian Training Centre
  • Corporate Group - India
  • Flying Club - Nagpur
  • Training school in South India
  • Training Institute performance
  • Flying Training Organizations - India



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