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  • Fluorocarbon Coating is an organic coating consisting of solid lubricant dispersed in an organic binder and dissolved in a specially formulated mixture of solvents.
  • Fluorocarbon Coating is also corrosion-resistant due to the use of a thermally, cured thermosetting synthetic binding material. When applied to the substrates resists galling, seizure and fretting and offers corrosion resistance.
  • Fluorocarbon Coating may be applied by dip, spray or any one of the conventional painting methods.
  • Fluorocarbon Coating
    can be given on any metal or alloy surface, which can be suitably pretreated, by phosphating, blasting, anodizing or Soft Nitriding /Nitrocarburising.
  • Fluorocarbon coatings refers to the fluorine resin as the main material of the coating film, also known as fluorocarbon, fluorine coating, fluorine resin coating.
  • Fluorocarbon coating because of its superior durability and stain resistance performance as the "king of paint" After decades of development, has become the first choice for high-end industrial anti-corrosion areas,  especially for high requirements for corrosion weathering environment.
  • In recent years, China's fluorine chemicals market in general, are 15% -20% of the rate of growth than in the United States, Japan, the European Union become the world's a four fluorine production and consumer areas
  • Fluorocarbon coating for superior performance, are widely applied to various fields, especially in the construction materials on the performance of the more prominent, although the fluorocarbon coating in our country are just the initial stage, but with the domestic railways, highways, and various infrastructure construction progresses, fluorocarbon coatings market space is growing.
  • In addition fluorocarbon coatings in automotive parts, household appliances outdoor enclosure, hard- ware accessories, etc.
  • With the use of fluoro carbon coating areas continue to expand, and the use of proportion is rising, fluorocarbon coating that will eventually become the main force in the paint industry in the super, or will dominate the future market.
  • Fluorocarbon General Info
  • Fluorocarbon Coating
  • Concept of fluorocarbon coating
  • Fluorocarbon Coating Benefits
  • Characteristics of fluorocarbon coatings
  • Overview of Fluorocarbons

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  • Company from China
  • Company from Malaysia
  • Company from China
  • Company from Pennsylvania
  • Company from China
  • Company from China
  • Consultancy from China
  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from UK
  • Consultancy from China
  • Consultancy from India


  • Fluorocarbon based Coatings
  • Fluorocarbon Final
  • Polyimide Film, Fluorocarbon -Coated
  • Organic coated steel coils and sheets: Fluorocarbon based top layer
  • Teflon Fluorocarbon Resin
  • Fluorocarbon Gel


  • Emralon
  • Alpolic
  • Nu-core
  • Anti Stain Fluorocarbon Resin Clear Coat
  • Teflon -Fluorocarbon Resin
  • Fluorocarbon Coated Fastener Torque
  • Hemple Fluorocarbon Paint


  • Suppliers for Fluorocarbon Coating
  • Fluorocarbon Coating Suppliers
  • Fluorocarbon Powder Suppliers
  • Fluorocarbon Supplier and manufacturer
  • Suppliers for Fluorocarbon Coaings


  • PEEM/NEXAFS Analysis of Ultrathin Fluorocarbon Films for Coated Stents
  • Fluorination and Fluoro carbon Coating of TiO2 by Pulsed Plasma Processing: Improved Photocata- lytic Oxidation of Gaseous  m-Xylene
  • Tribological degradation of fluorocarbon coated silicon microdevice surfaces in normal and sliding contact
  • Deposition of super-hydrophobic fluorocarbon coatings in modulated RF glow discharges

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  • Plasma deposited fluorocarbon thin film coatings on ceramics
  • Adhesion and Patterning of Cortical Neurons on Polyethy- lenimine- and Fluorocarbon-Coated Surfaces
  • Low surface energy fluorocarbon coatings via plasma polymerization process
  • Comparative study of plasma-deposited fluorocarbon coatings on different substrates
  • Flexible fluorocarbon wire coatings by pulsed plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
  • Study of Teflon like films grown on steel and elastomer surfaces using RF plasma
  • Study of Fluorocarbon Polymer wettability
  • Fluorocarbon resin-coated product
  • Fluorocarbon coating compositions
  • Fluorocarbon polymer coatings
  • Multilayer durable fluorocarbon coatings
  • Thermosetting fluorocarbon polymer coatings
  • Textured fluorocarbon coating compositions
  • High volume solids fluorocarbon coatings
  • Polysiloxane and fluorocarbon coating composition
  • Hyper dispersant for use in fluorocarbon coating compositions
  • Fluorocarbon polymer coating powders
  • Fluorocarbon-containing hydrophilic polymer coating composition for heat exchangers
  • Fuser member with fluorocarbon thermoplastics coating
  • Method of manufacturing a fluorocarbon-based coating film
  • Method of producing a fluorocarbon coating on metals and ceramics and the product


  • Lumiflon-based fluorocarbon coating
  • Fluorocarbon coating warranty
  • Coating Process
  • Fluorocarbon coating to lead the future energy industry
  • Production and Sales of Fluorocarbons
  • Thermoset Solution Fluorocarbon Coil Coatings


  • Fluorocarbon coating push into wind power accounted for the steel market leadership position
  • Best anti-corrosion coating - PTFE resin coating
  • Fluorocarbon coating to enter the fast growing market in the next dominant
  • Fluorocarbon coating metal structure wall construction technology


  • Fluorocarbon - Hazard Evaluation System
  • Cause and effects of fluorocarbon degradation in electronics and opto-electronic systems
  • Horse rug lung: toxic pneumonitis due to fluorocarbon

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