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  • Foliage plants are grown mainly for their leaves. Due to the fact that most foliage plants are tropical in nature,  they adapt easily to indoor conditions.
  • As foliage plants are produced primarily for interior decoration or interior plantscaping, new end use will generate greater demand in production. New cultivar releases and new plant introductions provide products for new uses, and desire for novelty and new uses among consumers promote selection of new cultivars and introduction of new plants, which then increase production.
  • The leading markets for foliage in the EU are the UK, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Spain.
  • The preparation of bouquets, which contain foliage, in developing countries is still limited.
  • An important reason for the globalisation of the cut flower trade is the relative lack of tariffs for cut flower and foliage products in the major world markets.
  • Foliage is already a major product and should also be afforded more focus, as most of the competitors are developed countries and, with the exception of Israel and other eU countries, located much further away than SA (mainly in the Americas)
  • Common Foliage Plants
  • Commonly available Foliage Plants
  • Development of New Foliage Plant Cultivars
  • Foliage Plants
  • Growing Foliage Plants

Market Information

  • Forest foliage
  • Flowers & Foliage: Overview
  • Flowers and Foliage Plants
  • Outdoor Cut Foliage Production
  • The EU market for foliage

Global Market

  • Capiz, Philippines, Asia Cut Foliages and Cut Flowers
  • Cut Flowers and Foliage Trade information
  • The Florida Foliage Plant Industry
  • International Market
  • Cut flower Production in Sri Lanka
  • Foliage and Cut Flowers
  • Evolution of Florida Foliage Industry
  • A Survey of the Market for Cut Flowers and Foliage in Denmark


  • Forest Frens and Foliage Trade
  • An Opportunity for the Georgia Ornamental Industry
  • Foliage opportunity
Company Profiles
  • Company from Bangalore
  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from New Zealand
  • Company from UK


  • Consumer Respone to Containerized Foliage plant Combinations
  • Florida Leads Nation in Foliage Plant Production
  • Is The Foliage Market Falling Apart?
  • Summary of Production and Handling Recommendations for Selected Foliage Plants


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