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  • Gum Rosin is Natural organic compound, mainly composed of resins, possesses chemical activity when dissolved in many organic solvents.
  • Gum Rosin is easily softened and oxidized, in the oil paint industry, the carboxylation reaction of resin acid is usually employed to produce resinate for further use.
  • It is kind of natural resin, a mixture with various organic acid, and with special chemical activity, and important chemicals.
  • While in the producing of synthetic rubber and printing ink, polymerized rosin, resin acid is changed into disproportionate rosin, hydrogenated rosin, etc for further use by its double bond reaction.
  • Packing, Storing and Transporting of Gum Rosin can be done in galvanized Iron drums of about 225 / 230kgs net each, 225kg gi drum.
  • Gum Rosin is distilled from pine resin.
  • The wood for distillation of resinous wood generally used is obtained from longleaf and slash pine species. Live- trees of these species are also tapped for the oleoresin from which gum turpentine and rosin are obtained.
  • Changes in the composition of gum rosin during disproportionation in the presence of 5% palladium-on-charcoal have been determined by gas chromatography.
  • Gum Rosin used in , paint, most rosin product is used for the manufacturing of paper, soap and printing ink.
  • A gum rosin ester modified by pharmaceutical glycerin, specially made for the application of chewing/bubble gum base, citrus oil beverages and flavors.
    Rosin Ester is used as emulsion agent.
  • Blend of plant oils and gum rosin used for the impregnation and protection of stone and masonry.
 General Information
  • Gum Rosin derivatives
  • Dibasic-acid modified gum rosin
  • Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin Ester Gum-Food Grade
  • Gum rosin
  • Gum Rosin-Product Information


  • Catalyst for disproportionation of gum rosin
  • On the palladium-on-charcoal disproportionation of Rosin
  • Distillation of Resinous Wood
  • Evaluation of polymerized rosin for the formulation and development of transdermal drug delivery system: A Technical Note


  • Production & Market of Gum Rosin in China
  • Key Factors and Driven Forces for the Development of Gum Turpentine in China
  • Pricing of Gum rosin in the past few years
  • Production trade and markets of Rosin
  • Rosin and Turpentine Oil Industry


  • Agency Response Letter on glycerol ester of gum rosin
  • Initiation of Anti-Dumping and Anti-subsidy investigations
  • International Paper/Union Camp
  • Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin for Use as an Additive in Oil-Based Citrus Flavorings for Beverages to Increase the Density of Citrus Oils.
  • Pine Chemicals News Letters
Company profiles & Consultant
  • Company from China
  • China Company
  • Company from Florida
  • Company from Guangxi
  • Company from Hong Kong
  • Company from New Zealand
  • Company from USA
  • Consultant from China
  • Consultant from USA


  • Application for an increase in the rate of duty on gum rosin.
  • Blend of plant oils and gum rosin for the impregnation and protection of stone and masonry.
  • The Gums Used in Making Varnish
Material Safety Data Sheet  & Product
  • Safety data for gum rosin
  • Gum Rosin GR100
  • Gum rosin
  • Rosin (Gum)
  • Gum Rosin WW
  • SAA 100
  • Gum Rosin Ester S


  • Process for preparing colorless rosins
  • Rosin ester modified with unsaturated carboxylic acid function
  • Water soluble rosin polyamide resins
  • Noncrystallizing gum rosin
  • Process of decolorizing gum rosin

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  • Exporters of Gum Rosin
  • Selling Leads of Gum Rosin
  • Gum Rosin Manufacturer / Supplier
  • Gum Rosin Supplier
  • Gum Rosin Buyers List

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