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  • Hexaconazole is a broad-spectrum fungicide that inhibits ergosterol biosynthesis.
  • It is translocated throughout the plant and controlls particularly Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes.
  • It is white to off white crystalline powder.
  • Hexaconazole is Stable in both acidic and alkaline medium photo-table and thermally stable.
  • A simple and selective method was developed for determining the concentration of hexaconazole in river and sea water samples by using liquid chromatography/ tendem mass spectrometry with an electrospray ionization interface in the positive ion mode and selective reaction monitoring mode.
  • Leaves treated with hexaconazole and paclobutrazol showed several variations in the anatomical characteristics of Chinese potato. The number of cells per unit area in the palisade spongy layers and chloroplast number per cells in the leaves increased by the HEX and PBZ treatments.
  • The triazoles like penconazole, propiconazole and hexaconazole were best (100%) and significantly superior in inhibiting the growth of the fungus at all concentrations against A. alternata under in vitro conditions.
  • Hexaconazole and propiconazole have very similar chemical structures, hydrogen backbone with a substituted phenyl group at one end, and an alkyl group at the other end. The only difference is that propiconazole has a substituted dioxolan group instead of normal alkyl group bonded with the hydrogen backbone.
  • Hexaconazole
  • Hexaconazole Information
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  • About Hexaconazole

Process and Functions

  • Extraction of Hexaconazole From Weathered Soils: a Comparison Between Soxhlet Extraction, Microwave-assisted Extraction, Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Accelerated Solvent Extraction
  • Determination of Hexaconazole in surface water samples from river and the sea by liquid chromatography - Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  • Evaluation of Fungicidal Resistance Among Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Isolates Causing Mango Anthracnose
  • Biochemical Alterations in White Yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) under Triazole Fungicides: Impacts on Tuber Quality
  • Differential effects of hexaconazole and paclobutrazol on the foliage characteristics of Chinese potato
  • Screening of genotypes and effect of fungicides against leaf blight of turmeric
  • High Temperature High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Triazole
    Fungicides on Carbon-Clad Zirconia Stationary Phase
  • Effect of Prochloraz on Electrolytic Leakage and Spore Germination of Puccinia recondita Causing Wheat Leaf Rust
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Hexaconazole
  • Campbell Hexacon 50SC Fungicide
  • Optan 50 SC
  • VIVA Fungicide
  • Fungicidal Composition
  • Fungicidal mixtures based on a triazolopyrimidine derivative and azoles
  • Biological control of Rigidoporus Microporus the cause of white root disease in Rubber
  • Hexaconazole Fungicide
  • Hexaconazole
  • Management of Soybean Rust by Fungicides and Host Plant Resistance
  • Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safe-Use Action Plan

Company Profiles and Suppliers

  • Company in Ahmedabad
  • Company in China
  • Company in Azadpur, NewDelhi
  • Company in P.R.China
  • Company in Gurgaon
  • Company in Zhejiang, China
  • Company in Haryana
  • Company in New Delhi
  • Company in Rajendra Place, New Delhi
  • Company in Taiwan
  • Hexaconazole Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Hexaconazole Suppliers

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