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  • Hydrazine hydrate (HH) is a colorless, fuming, and oily liquid with an ammonia-like odor.
  • HH is used as a reducing agent, an oxygen scavenger in treatment of boiler water, and as a source for drug - hydralazine is an anti-tubercular drug, as well as for agricultural chemicals, and other hydrazine derivatives.
  • Hydrazine was first used as a rocket fuel during World War II for the Messerschmitt Me 163B (the first rocket-powered fighter plane),
    under the code name B-Stoff (hydrazine hydrate).
  • Hydrazine hydrate is mainly used as a raw material for plastic foaming agents, with 28% of hydrazine used in water treatment and pH
  • Hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives are used in the manufacture of active ingredients for anti-cancer drugs, antidepressants,
    anti-fungus drugs, diuretics, anxiolytic, anti-arrhythmic, anti-allergic, anti-Parkinson, anti-haemorrhagic, anti-tuberculosis, antiviral, and anti-migraine drugs.
  • Hydrazine derivatives may be used in free radical polymerisation processes.
  • Azo initiators derived from hydrazine hydrate are mainly
    used in polymerisation reactions to initiate or terminate the polymerisation process, or to reduce the residual monomer content.
  • Hydrazine hydrate and hydrazides can be used as crosslinking agents for polyurethane and rubber.
  • As powerful reductive agents, hydrazine hydrate and its salts can be used as oxygen scavengers for boiler water and feedwater
  • Hydrazine hydrate may be used either in the form of a simple solution or in its catalysed form.
  • Literature suggests that hydrazine hydrate may be used in the aqua regia gold refining process.
  • For most uses, hydrazine is produced as hydrazine hydrate in a formulation with water.
  • Anhydrous hydrazine, used as rocket propellant, is an important inorganic compound and is obtained by dehydrating hydrazine hydrate.
  • The market for anhydrous hydrazine in the EU is very low in comparison to the market for hydrazine hydrate.
  • In past years, when the worldwide market demand for hydrazine hydrate was estimated at 80,000- 90,000 t/y, the expectation was that
    demand would grow steadily, with demand in advanced countries declining while demand in developing countries, Asian countries in particular, growing rapidly.
  • The UK Health and Safety Executive also confirms the use of hydrazine hydrate as an oxygen scavenger in boiler feedwater in power
  • Hydrazine hydrate has been used as a mineralizer instead of sodium hydroxide.
  • Hydrazine-hydrate is a reductive agent used as materials of medicine, pesticides, dyestuff, blowing agent, and photographic developer.
  • Non-EU manufacturing sites for hydrazine hydrate are located in Japan, China and Korea.
General Information
  • About Hydrazine
  • Hydrazine Hydrate  general information
  • General information of hydrazine

Process & Functions

  • Activation with hydrazine hydrate
  • Synthesis of silver nanoparticles by chemical
    reduction method and their antibacterial activity
  • Facile Synthesis of ZnO Nanorods by Microwave Irradiation of Zinc–Hydrazine Hydrate Complex
  • Chemoselective reaction of benz[g]indole dicarboxylate towards hydrazine hydrate
  • Preparation, characterization and thermal analysis of metal
    hydrazinocarboxylate derivatives
  • Reaction of 3,4-Diaroyl-1,2,5-oxadiazole-2-oxide with
    Hydrazine Hydrate
  • The influence of hydrazine hydrate in the preparation of lead sulfide thin film


  • A Comparative Study of Chromosomal Aberrations in Vigna mungo Induced by Ethylmethane Sulphonate and Hydrazine Hydrate
  • The degradation of DNA by hydrazine: identification of 3-ureidopyrazole as a product of the hydrazinolysis of deoxycytidylic acid residues
  • A Cross-Sectional Observation of the Effects of Hydrazine
    Hydrate on Workers’ Health
  • Study of the Heterocyclization Reaction of Some Aromatic Polyurylene Via Polymer –
    Analogue Reactions
  • Complexity of intercalation of hydrazine into kaolinite- a
    controlled rate thermal analysis and DRIFT spectroscopic study

Company Profiles

  • Company from China
  • Another Company from China
  • Company from USA
  • Another Company from USA
  • Company from France
  • Company from Tianjin


  • Consultancy from China
  • Consultancy from Jordan
  • Consultancy from Malaysia
  • Consultancy from UK
  • Another Consultancy from UK
  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from India

Plant & Turnkey

  • Plant from Germany
  • Plant from Iran
  • Plant from New Jersey
  • Plant from Shandong Province
  • Turnkey from Iran
  • Turnkey from India
  • Another Turnkey from Iran


  • Method for preparing hydrazine hydrate
  • Vaporization of solutions of hydrazine hydrate
  • Process for the removal of impurities from hydrazine hydrate
  • Preparation process of hydrazine hydrate
  • Process for purifying aqueous hydrazine hydrate solutions
  • Process for the preparation of concentrated solutions of hydrazine hydrate


  • Pervaporation of hydrazine hydrate: separation characteristics of membranes with hydrophilic to hydrophobic behaviour
  • Characterization of blended polymeric membranes for pervaporation of hydrazine hydrate
  • Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Nickel Nanoparticles prepared by Hydrazine Reduction Method


  • Hydrazine Hydrate
  • Hydrazine Hydrate 100%
    Specification data sheet
  • Hydrazine Hydrate leaflet
  • Hydrazine monohydrate

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Hydrazine hydrate 80% MSDS
  • Hydrazine hydrate
  • Hydrazine hydrate msds
  • Hydrazine hydrate, 100% (Hydrazine, 64%)
  • Hydrazine Hydrate (85% Solution)
  • Hydrazine monohydrate
  • Hydrazine hydrate solution
  • MSDS of Hydrazine hydrate
  • Safety data for hydrazine hydrate


  • Integration of hydrazine hydrate business between Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc
  • Fate and transport of hydrazine hydrate through columns of saturated sandy soil
  • Two cases of hydrazine hydrate dermatitis without systemic intoxication
  • Production, import, use and disposal
  • Information on uses of hydrazine


  • Hydrazine Hydrate suppliers
  • Selling Leads of Hydrazine Hydrate
  • Exporters of Hydrazine Hydrate
  • Hydrazine Hydrate suppliers and manufacturers
  • Suppliers of Hydrazine Hydrate
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