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  • An industrial park (also known as industrial estate, trading estate) is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development.
  • The term "industrial estate" is often used
    interchangeably with industrial district,
    industrial park, industrial zone, special
    economic zone, eco-zone etc.
  • An industrial park is defined as "a large tract of land, sub-divided and developed for the use of several firms simultaneously, distinguished by its shareable infrastructure and close proximity of firms".
  • The industrial park is an improvement of industrial areas and residential building that is beneficial for the workers, who will be working in more environmentally
    friendly workplaces and live in a less polluted environment in the vicinity of industrial activities.
  • Industrial parks are usually located outside the main residential area of a city and normally provided with good transportation access, including road and rail. Industrial parks are usually located close to transport facilities, especially where more than one transport modes coincide: highways, railroads, airports, and ports.
  • Industrial estates are specific areas zoned for industrial activity in which infrastructure such as roads, power, and other utility services is provided to facilitate the growth of industries and
    to minimize impacts on the environment.
  • Selection of sites for industrial estates should take into account social and environmental issues, as well as economic considerations.
  • Industrial estates should encourage units to analyze monitoring data, review it at regular intervals, and compare it with the operating standards so that any necessary corrective actions can
    be take.
  • Industrial Estates have led to the
    development of large urban regions
    especially in the States of Gujarat and
    Maharashtra, wherein large-scale city/
    town development has taken place.
    Bharuch, Vapi and Valsad in Gujarat
    and Nashik and Nagpur in Maharashtra
    are examples of such developments
  • Industrial Estate Development
  • Different types of  Industrial Estates in India
  • Industrial Park

Feasibility Study

  • Barrie Business Park Feasibility Study
  • Blackdyke Industrial Estate Energy Farm Feasibility Study
  • Camden County Green Industrial Park Feasibility Study
  • Delta Junction Industrial Park Feasibility Study
  • Feasibility Study for Establishing the Industrial Park
  • Pre-Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Model Industrial Estates Program in Alexandria
  • Feasibility Study  for the Design of an Industrial Park with low energy consumption
  • Feasibility Study for Development at Northwick Road and Charfleets Industrial Estate
  • Executive Summary of Padra Industrial Park Study


  • Environmental Guidelines for Industrial Estates
  • Planning Tools to Make Eco-Industrial Parks a Reality
  • Guidelines for construction of factory shed at industrial estate

Industry Estates

  • Ambattur Industrial Estate
  • Anna Industrial Park
  • Directorate of Industries and Commerce
  • Gujarat Industrial Estate
  • Kerala Industrial Estate
  • Palestinian Industrial Estates
  • Industrial Estate, Shillong
  • Tamilnadu Small Industries
  • Tripura Industrial Estate
Business Plan
  • Altham Business Plan
  • Action Plan for Chhattisgarh
  • Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Naroda Industrial Estate (Ahmedabad)
  • Eco Industrial Estates
  • Planning of Industrial estate for fireworks industries in Sivakasi
  • Shepard Industrial Area Structure Plan
  • Action Plan for Tarapur Industrial Area


  • The Karnataka Industrial area Developmental Act
  • The Manipur Industrial Estate Rules
  • Industrial/Business Park Standards


  • Asia Pacific Industrial Market Overview
  • Asian Industrial Property Market Flash
  • Current Status of Industrial Estates in India
  • Industrial Area Planning and Management
  • Industrial Estate Market Report
  • Sterling Business Park Market Analysis
  • Transforming industrial estates in India


  • A background report for the eco-industrial park project at Rantasalmi
  • Eco-Industrial Park Design:a Daedeok Technovalley case study
  • Industrial Park
  • Executive Summary of Mundra Industrial Park Study
  • Eco-Industrial Parks
  • Waghodia industrial estate reports suspected gastroenteritis death

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