Jamun (Syzygium Cumini )

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  • There are two different types of Jamun (Syzygium cumini Skeels) one small and the other big
  • The big fruits (small seeded) are oblong in shape, have more pulp and are suitable for fresh marketing.
  • They have high °Brix ratio, low content of acid, tannins and total anthocyanins
  • The small fruits (large seeded) are round in shape, grow wild and have very little pulp
  • Fast growing and reaching full size in 40 years
  • Pulp is purple or white, very juicy, and normally encloses a single, oblong, green or brown seed. Fruit has a combination of sweet, mildly sour and astringent flavour and tends to colour the tongue purple. Often eaten along with salt
  • Jamun is highly perishable, therefore, very difficult to store and market at distant places
  • Wild Jamun is a very rich source of many nutritional and functional compounds but it has not yet been utilized for preparing different value added products
  • Integrated processing of Jamun will provide complete utilization of fruit so that nothing goes waste


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