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  • Jigs are custom-made tools used to control the location and/or motion of another tool. A jig’s primary purpose is to provide repeatability, accuracy, and interchange ability in the manufacturing of products.  While a fixture holds the work in a fixed location, the device that does both (holding the work and guiding a tool) is called a jig.
  • Jigs and fixtures are often tailor-made, as they have to fit the products which they need to hold in place. They are usually made of hardened materials such as cast iron, die steel, CS and HSS in order to resist wear and to avoid frequent damage.
  • In 2015, Belgium and Germany together represented 39% of European imports. In terms of imports from developing countries, Germany is the dominant country (€40 million), followed by Italy (€13 million) and the United Kingdom (€12 million)
  • Germany and Japan are the leading suppliers to Europe
  • Imports from Developing Countries are dominated by China (€69 million in 2015, 5% share of total European imports).
  • Jigs and fixtures demand depends mainly on the demand for new equipment and the
    level of investments in new products in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, rolling stock production, construction equipment, and other industries in which assembly line production is common
  • Manufacturing companies in Europe often employ subcontractors, including those from low-cost countries, which can be low-cost European countries but also developing countries.
  • 3D printing is changing the whole manufacturing industry. Companies are shifting from ‘design for
    manufacturing’ to ‘manufacturing of the design’. This means that companies are now able to manufacture the required jigs and fixtures by themselves, with the help of 3D printing.
  •  The Govt. of India promoted several tool rooms in technical cooperation with Government of Germany, Denmark and Switzerland, to cater to the tooling requirements of small-scale industries besides providing trained manpower in the field of tool design; tool making and other allied engineering trades.
  • Design and Analysis of Jig Fixture for Radial
    Drilling Machine
  • Design and Optimization of Drill Jig
  • Design of Drilling Jig for Rod Guide
  • 3D Welding table
  • Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis
  • Tooling CNC Machines
  • Future Toolroom
Sub-contracting & Trading
  • Global Production sharing
  • Sub-Contact engineering & Service Provider
  • Engineering consultation
  • Tooling Terms and
    Conditions between Buyers & Sellers
  • Manufacturer & subcontractor
  • Vendor Registration
  • Vendor registration
  • Buyers Guide - Canada Plastics Industry
  • Value Engineering Tools for
    Contractor Support
  • Finding Buyer
  • Company - connects buyer with seller
Technology Institutions
  • Tool Room - Hyderabad
  • Tool Room - Kolkata
  • Consulting Services for 3D Printing & Training
  • 3D Printing Company


3D Printing
  • Fused Deposition Modeling
  • The Value of FDM Jigs & Fixtures
  • Jigs & Fixtures with FDM or Inkjet
  • Polyjet for Jigs & Fixtures
  • Advantages
  • Maximizing Production
  • Practical Engineering
Companies & Products
  • Company in Pune
  • Company - Bangalore
  • Company - Pune
  • 3D Printing Company
  • Design Services
  • CNC Technologies
Market Scenario
  • Export Capability Assessment of India Tooling Industry
  • Exporting jigs and fixtures to Europe
  • Metal parts and components: Iron and Steel Castings in Europe
  • Mexico’s auto
    industry demand for Tool, Die and Moulds
  • Malaysia's Engineering Supporting Industry
  • Fabricating & Metal working
  • Tool room at Chennai

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