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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Magnetic moulding, is an innovative process and it is  an expendable model and it is used that is surrounded by metallic particles bonded together by the action of an induced magnetic field.

  • In that  magnetic moulding  process have the  advantages of the lost foam process and the permanent mould processes.

  • The magnetic process is an environmentally friendly and cost competitive and suitable to produce high quality parts with very complex shapes with a large range of sizes & materials.

  • The benefits of magnetic moulding one precision magnetic moulding can replace a sub-assembly.

  • In that  technology is an original alternative process aimed at improving the metallurgical quality & the dimensional tolerances of the final components that are currently produced using the lost foam process.

  • The magnetic moulding is the new technology and it is an innovative process.

  • the Magnetic ions has a spin polarization in the other magnetic ion which is coupled by their common non-magnetic neighbour.

  • The magnetic moulding  process produced the high-quality and the complex parts at a very competitive cost.

  • Al-Si Alloy Casting Using Magnetic Molding.
  • Technology of Magnetic Moulding.
  • Simulation of Pulsed Magnetic Molding.
  • Novel metal-forming process using a magnetic field.

Manufacturing process & Products

  • Process of Magnetic Moulding.
  • Solidification Processing of materials in magnetic fields.
  • New products of Magnetic Moulding.
  • Products of Magnetic Moulding.
  • Simulation of Pulsed Magnetic Molding.
  • Product of Magnetic materials.


  • Composite Magnetic Material and Magnetic Moulding Material.
  • Process for producing a permanently magnetic moulding.
  • Portable, positionable, locking magnetic moulding tubes for vehicle protection.


Application &  Report

  • Benefits Magnetic Moulding.
  • Application of Magnetic Moulding.
  • Final report of Magnetic Moulding.


  • Suppliers of magnetic moulding.
  • Manufacturers of magnetic moulding.
  • Exports of magnetic moulding.
  • Suppliers list of magnetic moulding.

Company profiles

  • Company from India.
  • Company from1 India.
  • Company from Mumbai.
  • Company from China.
  • Company from1 China.
  • Company from UK.

 Study & Market

  • Magnetic and processability studies.
  • New bulk amorphous magnetic materials.
  • Study of Magnetic moulding.
  • Nato East-West Workshop on Magnetic Materials.
  • Hard magnetic materials Nd-Fe-B/Fe.
  • Lettergold hots up magnetic filter market.
  • Intered Ferrite Magnets for Craft and Fridge Magnets.

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