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  • Silica fume is a very fine pozzolanic material, composed of amorphous silica produced by electric arc furnaces as a byproduct of the production of elemental silicon or ferro silicon alloys.
  • Silica fume, also known as microsilica, is a byproduct of the reduction of high-purity quartz with coal in electric furnaces in the production of silicon and ferrosilicon alloys.
  • Microsilica is a by product of the manufacture of silicon and ferrosilicon alloys. It consists of grey powder having extremely fine spherical particles of amorphous silica (sio2).
  • Silica fume, also known as microsilica, is a byproduct of the reduction of high-purity quartz with coke in electric arc furnaces in the production of silicon and ferrosilicon alloys.
  • Microsilica (MS) or, as it often called, silica fume is a second-hand product in the production of silicon metal (Si-met) and ferrosilicon (FeSi). The production process of Si-met and FeSi is very polluting, and microsilica was discovered during the process of how to avoid pollution.
  • Microsilica has proven to be an excellent admixture for Portland cement concrete. Addition of microsilica to a concrete mix usually results in significant improvements in strength, durability and permeability. Some of the improvements to the concrete properties occur because microsilica is a pozzolan. Pozzolans are finely divided silica that combine with free lime (calcium hydroxide) to create more calcium silicate hydrate.
  • Microsilica is estimated to be about a hundred times finer than cement, giving it the ability to plug voids between cement particles, and helping it increase the density of the cement matrix.
  • Silica fume can be used in a variety of cementitious products such as concrete, grouts, and mortars as well as elastomer, polymer, refractory, ceramic and rubber applications.
  • Silica Fume is used in concrete to improve its properties. It has been found that Silica Fume improves compressive strength, bond strength, and abrasion resistance; reduces permeability; and therefore helps in protecting reinforcing steel from corrosion.
  • Silica fume is a by-product of producing silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys in smelters using electric arc furnaces. These metals are used in many industrial applications to include aluminum and steel production, computer chip fabrication, and production of silicones, which are widely used in lubricants and sealants.
  • The globalisation of the Indian economy paved the way for easy availability of micro-silica and latest superplasticisers in the country. M60 and higher grades of concrete are now becoming popular in the country with its proven utility in the construction of important structures.
  • A major marketing firm of microsilica in the country has estimated its turnover in the current year be approximately seven to eight hundred
    million rupees.
  • Most of the Indian fly ashes contain calcium oxide less than 5 percent. With the facility of RMC plants one can use large volumes of low calcium fly ashes with small percentage addition of micro-silica to produce high early strength and durable concretes.
  • In global competition within the metal industry and especially regarding microsilica, there is a high demand for logistic efficiency. To move microsilica from one side of the world to the other is a very costly.
  • Silica fume Information
  • Silica Fume
  • Micro Silica - Strength and durability enhancing concrete additive
  • Silica fume-Technical data Sheet
  • Supplementary Cementitious Materials in concrete
  • Silica fume Description

Production Process

  • Production of microsilica
  • Silica Fume Production
  • Development of Porous Silica Production by hydrothermal method
  • Making Silica fume Concrete in the Laboratory
  • Silica fume Production and Processing
  • Production Process of microsilica

Properties and Functions

  • Corrosion Studies on Micro silica added cement in marine Environment
  • Effect of Different Curing Methods on the Properties of Microsilica Concrete
  • The Effect of micro silica addition on Iranian based chamotte castables
  • Permeability of Steel Fibre Reinforced High Performance Concrete Composites
  • High effective silica fume alkali activator
  • The Effect of Silica fume additions on the Durability of Portland cement mortars exposed to Magnesium Sulfate Attack
  • Effect of Silica fume and Metakaoline Pozzolana on the Performance of Blended cement Pastes against Fire
  • Compositions and Physical Properties of Silica fume
  • Effect of Silica fume to the Strength and Permeability of high performance ground granulated blastfurnace slag concrete
  • Influence of Silica Fume on the Stresses Generated by Alkali-Silica Reaction

Company Profile

  • Company in United Kingdom
  • Company in Brazil
  • Company in New York
  • Company in India
  • Company in New Zealand
  • Company in Maharashtra
  • Company in Delhi


  • Consultant in Lund
  • Expert in Structural and Durability Evaluation of Concrete, Steel and Timber Buildings, Structural Witness
  • Consultants in Australia
  • Consultant in India
  • Expert in concrete and admixtures


  • Aqueous Dispersion of Microsilica having a delayed thixotropic reaction
  • Method for Production of White Microsilica
  • Improved Microsilica, its Application like Pozzolanic Material and Method for its obtaining
  • Microsilica Slurries and Method of Preparation
  • Silica fume Slurry


  • The Advances and Barriers in the application of New Concrete Technology
  • Investigation of stress–strain models for confined high strength concrete
  • Silica fume resurges
  • Silica Fume in shotcrete
  • Polypropylene fiber reinforced Microsilica concrete bridge deck overlay at link river bridge
  • Project: JJ Hospital Flyover
  • Hydroelectric Dams in India
  • Reference Projects, India
  • Nordhordland Bridge


  • Microsilica 600
  • Cockburn Microsilica Cement
  • Micro-Silica Concrete
  • Microsilica Bridge Decks
  • TARGET® Densified Silica Fume
  • Silica Fume MS-90
  • Elkem Microsilica
  • Grade 920 for Construction


  • The usage of silica fume in Mortar Plaster Production
  • Comparison of Two Metakaolins and a Silica Fume Used as Supplementary Cementitious Materials
  • Possible applications of Silica fume in concrete
  • Using silica fume concrete with full depth bridge deck construction
  • Concrete bridge deck repair with Silica fume concrete
  • Rice Hull-Derived Silica: Applications in Portland Cement and Mullite Whiskers
  • Elkem Microsilica- Production and Use
  • Addressing Parking Garage Corrosion with Silica Fume
  • High Strength Concrete For High Rise Towers
  • Optimization of Silica Fume, Fly Ash and Amorphous Nano-Silica in Superplasticized High-Performance Concretes
  • Silica Fume's Advantages
  • A natural Pozzolan for high performance concrete

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Amorphous Silica fume
  • Catexol
  • Silica Fume Cement and Hydraulic Cement
  • Silica Fume Compacted
  • KG588
  • Norchem Silica Fume
  • Restec Silica Fume


  • Showcasing Eco-Innovation Capturing the value of Silica Fume
  • Energy and Amorphous Silica Production from Rice husk
  • Some trends in the use of concrete : Indian scenario
  • Competitive Intelligence at Elkem Material


  • Accelerated curing of Silica fume Concrete
  • Wet shotcreting refractory castables with varying cement content
  • Micro silica Certification
  • Evaluation of Latex Modified and Silica fume Concrete overlays Placed on Six Bridges in Virginia
  • Fineness of Densified Microsilica and Dispersion in Concrete Mixes
  • Silica Fume User's Manual
  • Evaluation of the  Constructability & Performance of Micro silica Modified concrete bridge deck Overlays
  • SpectraChem expands


  • Microsilica Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Silica Fume Suppliers
  • Fumed Micro Silica Suppliers
  • Micro silica China Suppliers
  • Microsilica Exporters
  • Silica Fume Selling Leads

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