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  • Monoethylamine(MEA) like some other small primary amines is a good solvent for lithium metal, giving the ion [Li(amine)4]+ and the solvated electron.
  • Evaporation of monoethylamine(MEA) solutions, gives back lithium metal.
  • Such solutions are used for the reduction of unsaturated organic compounds, such as naphthalenes and alkynes.
  • Monoethylamine(MEA) is a precursor to many herbicides including atrazine and simazine
  • Using submerged jet impingement experiments critical wall shear stresses for initiation of flow induced localized corrosion
  • (FILC) were evaluated for the system carbon steel/aqueous polysulfide containing monoethylamine
  • Raw material for this product is 70-71% monoethylamine upon which most MSDS data is founded on.
  • Analysis is provided for monoethylamine color, APHA, ammonia, diethylamine ,n-ethylidene-ethylamine , and total organic impurities  as measured by gc on a 100% organic basis.
  • It is then diluted to 33%, an exothermic process, as outlined in E3057-45.
  • DE-A 27 23 474 describes a process for fractionating a water-, monoethylamine-, diethylamine- and triethylamine-containing mixture
  • Which an essentially anhydrous mixture of monoethylamine and diethyl amine triethylamine is separated off by distillation and ,distillation, monoethylamine is separated off from the anhydrous mixture of monoethylamine and diethyl amine.
  • Amine is a group of basic organic compounds derived from ammonia (NH3) by replacement of one (primary amines), two (secondary amines), or three (tertiary amines) hydrogen atoms by alkyl, aryl groups or organic radicals.
  • Amines, like ammonia, are weak bases because the unshared electron pair of the nitrogen atom can form a coordinate bond with a proton.
  •  Amines react with acids to give salts and with acid anhydrides (or ester ) to form amides.
  •  They react with halogenoalkanes to form longer chains
  • Many amines are not only bases but also nucleophiles that form a variety of electrophile compounds.
  • Amines an extensive choice to meet your industries
  • The dissociation constants and conductivities of mono  di- and triethylamine in aqueous solution
  • Drugs misuse regulation 1987
  • Ethylamine
  • Monoethylamine(mea)
  • Monoethylamine side effects
  • Photochemistry of group v ethyl-containing systems enhancing h-atom production via 248-nm ethyl radical photolysis
  • Practical organic chemistry


  • Sell monoethylamine mea
  • Monoethylamine 75-04-
  • Monoethylamine c2h7n
  • Monoethylamine compound


  • Monoethylamine, 70% aqueous
  • Monoethylamine, anhydrous
  • Boron trifluoride-monoethylamine complex
  • Monoethylamine clear synth
  • Monoethylamine linde
  • Matheson tri-gas, inc
  • Monoethylamine
  • Monoethylamine air liquid
  • Praxair monoethylamine


  • Advanced technology & industrial co., ltd.
  • List of monoethylamine product
  • Monoethylamine min 70%
  • Beijing nine camp medicine technology co., ltd.
  • Monoethylamine application


  • 1800 series 33% Monoethylamine
  • Process for fractionating water-containing crude amine mixtures from amine synthesis
  • Shandong degauss chemical Co.,Ltd
  • Shape selective synthesis of alkyl amines over
    acid catalysts


  • Separation of ethylamines
  • N-alkylation of amines
  • A flexible process for the production of di and trialkylamines
  • High tensile strength, high Young's modulus carbon fiber
  • Reactive graphtic carbon nanofiber reinforced polymeric composites
  • Carbon fiber composition
  • Catalyitc process for preparing ethyl amines
  • Process for continuously preparing n-ethyl-2-pyrrolidone

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  • Monoethylamine 50%
  • Monoethylamine (CAS 75-04-7) market research
  • Alkyl amines & specialty alkylalkanolamine
  • Global supplier of amines &amine technology
  • Brian anderson
  • Boron trifluoride monoethylamine (cas75-230)
  • Gases requiring approval or review prior to ordering
  • Optimization of a manufacturing process for
    atrazine with a focus on waste minimization


  • Aerospace research center
  • Consolidated list of chemicals subject to the
    emergency planning and
    community right
  • Effects of solvent metrics and of reagent for produing adductions liquid
  • Consolidated list of chemicals subject to the
    emergency planning and
    community right
  • Sell monoethylamine 70% in water
  • Monoethylamine(70% in water)


  • Absorption fluids data
  • Monoethylamine 70% basic information
  • Evaluation of critical flow intensities for filc in sour gas production
  • Impulse responses of a monoethylamine-fed fluidized
    bed reactor
  • Using auxiliary gas power for ccs energy needs
    in retrofitted coal power plants

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