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  • Motorsport (or motorsports) is the collection of sports which primarily involve the use of motorised vehicles.
  • Motorsport includes all forms of motor racing as well as non-racing motorised sports.
  • Motor racing is the subset of motorsport activities which involve competitors racing against each other.
  • Forms of motor racing include auto racing, motorcycle racing, truck racing, air racing, motorboat racing, snowmobile racing and lawn mower racing.
  • In addition to motor racing, there are many other forms of motorsport which don't involve racing. Examples include motorcycle trials, freestyle motocross, drifting and tractor pulling.
  • The concept of Energy Efficient Motorsport (EEMS) seeks to place a premium on the efficient use of resources and to encourage the
    development of alternative fuels and powertrain technologies and put energy efficiency at the heart of modern motorsport without
    comprising the sporting spectacle.
  • As motorsports competitions have become increasingly popular, multi-billion dollar industries have developed around the sports themselves.
  • Worldwide a significant amount of economic output as well as employment is generated yearly by motorsports related industries.
  • Much less visible, but significantly larger, is the economic activity of different manufacturing and service industries that take part in the production process of the race equipment and activities.
  • Energy Efficient Motorsport
  • Motor Sports Association
  • Truck Specifications
  • Motorsport

Business Plan

  • Rural Enterprise Valley Phase 1 Business Plan
  • Land-based Motor Sports


  • The Economic Impacts of the Motorsports Industry On the North Carolina Economy
  • Motorsports Industry
  • Motorsports Industry in the Indianapolis Region
  • North Carolina Motorsports Economic Impact And Development Study

Motorsports Association

  • Association in Cayman Islands
  • Association in Indiana
  • Association in Malaysia
  • Association in UK
  • Association in Slough
  • Association in Alaska
  • Association in South Carolina

Company Profiles

  • Company from America
  • Company from California
  • Company from Arizona
  • Company from USA
  • Company from India
  • Company from New Jersey
  • Another Company from Arizona
  • Another Company from New Jersey
  • Company from Washington
  • Company from Illinois
  • Company from USA
  • Consultant from Florida
  • Consultant
  • Consultant from Arizona
  • Consultant from North Carolina
  • Consultant from Illinois
  • Another Consultant from North Carolina

Turnkey Providers

  • Turnkey Provider from Texas
  • Turnkey Provider from California
  • Turnkey Provider
  • Turnkey Provider from Wisconsin
  • Another Turnkey Provider from California
  • Another Turnkey Provider from California
  • Turnkey Provider from UK


  • Motorsport in the UK
  • Motorsports
  • Power in Motorsports
  • Innovation in the NASCAR Motorsports Industry
  • Power in Motorsports
  • A North Carolina Growth Industry Under Threat
  • TineLok to Revolutionize the Motorsports Industry
  • Fuel the future of motorsports

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