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  • A complex of carboxylic acids obtained from different distillation fractions of crude oil like gas oil, kerosene or light lubricating oils.
  • Acids are by-products of petroleum refining.
  • A continuous process has been developed for removing Naphthenic acids from refinery streams by caustic washing.
  • Free Naphthenic acids are corrosive and are mainly used as their salts and esters.
  • For example, calcium naphthenate is a lubricating oil additive, and zinc naphthenate is an antioxidant. Lead, zinc, and barium naphthenates are wetting agents used as dispersion agents for paints.
  • Some oil soluble metal naphthenates, such as those of zinc, cobalt, and lead, are used as driers in oil-based paints.
  • Naphthenic Acid Corrosion is characterized by deep pitting and metal impingement.
  • Naphthenic Acid with a lower acid value can replace stearic acid in certain rubber compounds, e.g.: tyre thread and conveyer belt.
  • It can be used as flotation agents in the recovery of the 'non sulphide' types of ores.
  • Naphthenic Acid 170 DE is suitable as an additive to lubricants.
  • Naphthenic acid is a dark colored liquid with an offensive odor and acid is also insoluble in water.
  • These Acids are classified as monobasic carboxylic acids.
  • Commercial production of Naphthenic acid from petroleum is based on formation of sodium naphthenates when the petroleum distillated are treated with sodium hydroxide caustic. Since this reaction occurs, sodium salts is considered an intermediate stream in the production of Naphthenic acid.
  • Petroleum industry uses Naphthenic acid amine derivatives as surfactants for enhanced oil recovery and as corrosion inhibitors for refineries, pipelines and down hole use.
  • Acids are found in wastewaters from petroleum refineries and oil sands extraction plants.
  • When high acid values are required for synthesis of high metal content soaps it is recommended to upgrade the acids with some synthetic ores.
  • Found applications in several industries such as drying agent ,wood preservation, synthetic detergents, additive to fuels, corrosion inhibitor and plasticizer in the production of polyvinyl-chloride and rubber products.


  • Naphthenic Acids.
  • Overview of corrosion effects of Naphthenic Acids.
  • Fractionation of complex mixtures of Naphthenic acids.
  • General Description.
  • Properties.


  • Naphthenic Acid.
  • Msds of Naphthenic Acids.
  • Safety sheet of Naphthenic Acid.
  • Naphthenic Acids (pract).
  • Naphthenic Acid MSDS.
  • Data Sheet - Naphthenic Acid.
  • Vanadium naphthenate oxide, 35% in Naphthenic acid.
  • Naphthenic Acid Safety Sheet.


  • Naphthenic Acid 170DE.
  • Naphthenic Acid.
  • CN Timber Oil.


  • Extraction of Naphthenic Acids from Liquid Hydrocarbon.
  • Improved processes to remove Naphthenic Acids.
  • Naphthenic Acid removal with MgO Catalyst.
  • Photocatalysis of Naphthenic Acids in Water.
  • Removing Acid from Crude Oil.
  • Naphthenic Acids isolated from crude oil.
  • Naphthenic Acid Corrosion Mechanisms.


  • Naphthenic Acid Removal & Conversion.
  • Naphthenic Acid Removal Process.
  • Naphthenic Acid Corrosion Inhibitors.
  • Reducing the Naphthenic Acid content of crude oil.
  • Naphthenic Acid Solids Dissolver Compositions.
  • Novel Additive for Naphthenic Acid corrosion inhibition.


  • Fact Sheet-Naphthenic Acid.
  • Naphthenic Acids Category Analysis.
  • Review of Health Effects of Naphthenic Acids.
  • Toxicity of Naphthenic Acids.
  • Health effects of Naphthenic Acid.
  • Mitigating corrosion from Naphthenic Acid Streams.

Company Profile

  • Company1 from China.
  • Company2 from China.
  • Company Profile.
  • Company from Germany.
  • Company from India.
  • Company from USA.


  • Consultancy from UK.


  • Suppliers from China.
  • Suppliers from India.
  • Suppliers List.
  • List of Suppliers.
  • Suppliers List1.


  • Characterization of Naphthenic acids in oil sands wastewaters.
  • Naphthenic Acids in Methanogenic Microcosms.
  • Stabilization of Water-in-Oil Emulsions by Naphthenic Acids.
  • Role of Naphthenic Acids in Emulsion Tightness for a low-total-acid-number.
  • Naphthenic Acids and other acid-extractables in water samples from Alberta.
  • Naphthenic Acids.
  • A Comprehensive study on Naphthenic Acid Corrosion.
  • Influence of Naphthenic Acid on global crude corrositivity.
  • Measuring Naphthenic Acids concentrations in aqueous environmental samples.
  • Experimental study of concurrent Naphthenic Acid.
  • High Temperature Naphthenic Acid Corrosion of Typical Steels.


  • Naphthenic Acid Corrosion in Petroleum Refineries.
  • Enhanced Degradation of a Model Naphthenic Acid compound in bioreactors.
  • Sorption of an oil sands Naphthenic acid mixture to soils.
  • Naphthenic Acids in Athabasca oil sands tailings waters are less biodegradable.
  • Summary of Naphthenic Acids predictions for the oil sands region.
  • Monitoring of Naphthenic Acid corrosion.
  • Upgrading the quality of heavy oil.
  • Naphthenic Acid Corrosion Review.


  • Proposal by Environmental Defence to add Naphthenic Acids to the NPRI.

Market Demands

  • Naphthenic Acid Industrial Overview.
  • Market overview of Naphthenic Acid.



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