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  • Neem (Azadirachta indica) is commonly and widely grown tree in India.

  • Natural pesticides and herbal products are manufactured from Neem oil extracts, Azadirachta which is obtained by alcoholic extraction of Neem Oil as a value-added product.

  • Bio-pesticides are usually less toxic than conventional chemical pesticides

  • Neem tree, the basic raw material for Neem oil, is native to India, Burma and other South
    East Asian countries

  • Neem based bio-pesticides are economical and effective for crops like cotton, potatoes and
    other horticulture crops, grown in Gujarat.

  • The neem tree,
    Azadirachta indica
    A. Juss., produces the biodegradable and insecticidal
    liminoid azadirachtin

  • Pest management programs in citrus particularly
    rely on natural enemies to assist in maintaining
    destructive insect populations .

  • The monocrotopas
    and neem oil combination was found to be very effective in reducing the defoliator infestation

  • The neem derivatives have also been used traditionally to make insect repellents, soaps, cosmetics, tooth cleaners and contraceptives

  • A number of government agencies, including the
    Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Biotechnology, are engaged in supporting research, production and application of these agents.

  • Neem can grow in tropical and subtropical regions with semi-arid to humid climates

  • Neem has been used as a pesticide throughout southern Asia for over 2000 years.

  • The demand for commercial neem products is increasing both for local markets and export markets.

  • Neem is the most exciting and potentially valuable uses of Farmers  in crop protection.

  • Neem-based Biopesticides
  • Neem and Tobacco seed oil base
  • Effect of a Neem Biopesticides
  • Foliar application of neem
  • Impact of monocrotophos and neem oil mixture
  • Historic precedent
  • Efficacy of some biopesticides
  • High quality Bio-pesticides
  • A study of Biopesticides


  • Biopesticide Controls of Plant
  • Bio-Neem Insecticide

Manufacturing process

  • Importance of neem
  • Domestication of Azadirachta indica
  • NRDC
  • BARC
  • Neem based pesticide
  • Preparation of neem biopesticides
  • Effects of Biopesticide Neem


  • Efficacy of Azadirachta indica
  • Neem Bio-Pesticides 
  • Other biopesticides
  • Biocontrol agents
  • Neem biopesticide utilization
  • Effect of Bio-pesticides
  • An ecofriendly approach for pest control
  • Natural pesticide


  • Bio pesticides
  • Compositions And methods
  • Formulation of Entomopathogenic
  • Novel Biopesticide Compositions
  • Process of producing a biopesticide
  • Bio control Composition


  • E.I.D Parry
  • Thapar University
  • Regional Network on Pesticide
  • Public Health Pesticides
  • Improvement of Neem
  • Motivation


  • Biopesticides Neem and Tobacco Seed Oil Base
  • GEF
  • Biological Control of  plants
  • Consultancy from NewDelhi
  • Consultancy from Maharashtra


  • Suppliers from Mumbai
  • Suppliers from Ahemadabad
  • Suppliers from Karnataka
  • Suppliers from India
  • Suppliers from  Gujarat
  • Suppliers from India
  • Suppliers from  India


  • Subchronic toxicity
  • Toxicity of neem pesticides
  • Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention
  • Toxicity determination and hypoglycaemic effect

Raw material & Products

  • Neem
  • Utilization of Neem
  • Neem based Biopesticides
  • Agricultural applications of neem products
  • Neem Bitters for Fungistatic Action
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Neem Oil Fungicide
  • Trilogy
  • Triple action Neem oil



  • Company from  Lucknow
  • Company from India
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Company from ITC India
  • Company from UP
  • Company from AP
  • Company from Canada
  • Company from NewDelhi
  • Company from West Bengal
  • Company from Calcutta


  • Mother Dairy Fruit
  • Neem
  • Trade in Neem Products
  • New Formulation for Neem
  • Neem Cake


  • Development
  • Use of Biopesticides
  • Neem A Green Treasure
  • Neem and its Potential
  • Conventional pesticides
  • Neem Foundation

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