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  • Commercial basic nickel carbonate is made by precipitation from a nickel solution, usually the sulphate, with sodium carbonate
  • Nickel carbonate can be prepared by the oxidation of nickel powder in ammonia and dioxide. Boiling away the ammonia causes precipitation of pure nickel carbonate
  • There are differences in the manufacturing conditions and precipitation agents used for the production of pure nickel carbonate and nickel hydroxycarbonates
  • Nickel carbonate is produced at lower temperatures (< 50 C) and at lower pH (< 5) than production of basic nickel carbonates. Alkaline bicarbonates are also used instead of carbonates
  • Nickel hydroxycarbonate is mainly produced from either nickel sulphate or nickel nitrate
  • The major uses of nickel carbonate described above result in the production of catalysts, plated products and other nickel-containing chemicals. In these processes nickel carbonate is converted into other nickel-containing compounds. Nickel catalysts and many plated products are recycled
  • Product profile
  • Cobalt & Nickel


  • Basic Nickel Carbonate
  • Processing from the Ore
  • Recovering nickel from nickeliferous laterite ores
  • Production Process
  • Extraction of nickel metal from
    lateritic ores.
  • Nickel Refinery
  • The nickel and cobalt refining
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Solvent extraction to separate cobalt from Nickel

Project Information

  • Project Constructors
  • Dryer Manufacturer
  • Project Case Study
  • German Technology source
  • Laterite - India
  • Laterite resources of India
  • Project in Australia
  • By Product
  • Project Engineering company
  • Project consultant


  • Hydrated Nickel Carbonate
  • Nickel Carbonate Catalyst
  • Extraction of Cobalt & Nickel from Laterite
  • Nickel Laterite Process

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  • Manufacturer  in Mumbai
  • Mumbai company
  • Company USA
  • Company in Chennai
  • List of Companies
  • Nickel Carbonate Hydroxide
  • Ohio Company
  • Nickel Hydroxycarbonate


  • Commodity Profile - Nickel
  • Nickel Consortia
  • Nickel (hydroxy)carbonate
  • Nickel Business
  • Mining Project
  • Nickel Compounds
  • Environment Protection
  • Nickel Information source

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