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  • N-Octylamine is a colorless to yellow liquid with an amine-like odor. It is miscible with almost all common organic solvents. Its molecular weight is 129.25.
  • It is soluble in water and stable under ordinary conditions.
  • Octyl Amine is used for the synthesis of organic chemicals and surfactants used as a corrosion inhibitor, detergent, ore floating agent, fabric softener, antistatic agent, germicide, insecticide, emulsifier, dispersant, anticaking agent, lubricant and water treatment agent.
  • Intermediate used in the production of: Industrial disinfectant, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Pesticides, Additives for fuels and lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, Plasticizers.
  • Organophosphoric derivatives such as tri-n-octyl phosphine oxide (TOPO), tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP) and long-chain, aliphatic amines such as lauryl-trialkylmethylamine (Amberlite LA-2), tri-n-octylamine, tri-iso-octylamine, tri-n-(octyl-decyl)-amine (Alamine 336) and quaternary alkylammonium salt (Aliquat 336) are effective extractants for separation of carboxylic acids from dilute aqueous solution.
  • The mixture of tripropylamine (TPA) and trioctylamine (TOA) dissolved in 1-octanol/n-heptane was used in the reactive extraction of (L+)
    lactic acid in aqueous solution.
  • Long-chain, aliphatic tertiary amines dissolved in suitable organic solvents are effective extractants for carboxylic acids.
  • N-Octylamine has shelf life of 24 months in unopened, original container. Protect form fire, static discharges, acids and acid forming substances.
  • For tri-n-octylamine and other degradation products, a GC
    method was developed and subsequently extended to GUMS. All methods have
    precision better than 5%. The combination of these methods allows both quantitative
    analysis of the major solvent components and visualization of any minor components,
    including breakdown products
  • Octylamine Product Information
  • Octylamine Identification
  • n-Octylamine Sales Specification


  • Analysis of the Interfacial Adsorption Equilibrium and Reaction Rate of Phosphorous Acid with Tri-n-octylamine in Toluene
  • Coal Swelling in n-Amines and n-Alcohols
  • Extraction of Zr and Hf from Sulphuric Acid by Tri-Octyl-Amine using the SISAK System
  • Process Intensification for Separation of Carboxylic Acids from Fermentation Broths using Reactive Extraction
  • Kinetic study for the extraction of succinic acid with TOA in fermentation broth; effects of pH, salt and contaminated acid
  • Superparamagnetic ironoxide nanoparticles via ligand exchange reactions
  • Static purification–concentration process: study of the system
    manganese, sulfuric acid–tri-n-octylamine
  • Silica-Pillared H-kenyaites: Interlamellar Base Catalyzed-Reaction of Tetraethylorthosilicate in Water Suspension


  • Process for preparation of substituted formamidine and substituted N-iminomethyl piperidine
  • Benzyl-tert.-octylamine
  • Process for purification of a cephalosporin derivative
  • Polymer and process for their production
  • Amine fruit abscission agents
  • Antimicrobial compositions and methods containing hydrogen peroxide and octyl amine oxide
  • Technology development for alternative high-level waste salt processing flowsheets
Company Profiles and Suppliers
  • Company in Europe
  • Company in Japan
  • Company in China
  • Another Company in China
  • Company in Taiwan
  • n-Octylamine Suppliers
  • Trader in New York


  • Dispersion and Separation of Small-Diameter Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
  • Competitive Inhibition of Cytochrome P-450,, by (22R)- and (22S)-22-Aminocholesterol
  • Extraction Equilibria of Nicotinic Acid Using Alamine 300/Diluent and Conventional Solvent Systems
  • Stabilization of Hydrophobic Colloidal Dispersions in
    Water with Amphiphilic Polymers: Application to Integral Membrane Proteins

Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Octylamine
  • Caprylylamine
  • Quatricide® PV-15
  • Testmix CP0042
  • Tri-n-octylamine
  • Safety data for octylamine
  • Safety data for di-n-octylamine
  • Germicidal Concentrate

  • Enhanced infrared photovoltaic efficiency in PbS nanocrystal/ semiconducting polymer composites
  • Preparation of Conductive
    Polystyrene Films from Carbon Nanofiber
  • Analytical Methods Development in Support of the Caustic Side Solvent Extraction System
  • Dispersion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Bundles in Non-Aqueous Solution
  • Spotlight on the production of amines in South Africa
  • Summary Report on Caustic-Side Solvent Extraction Process Chemistry

Application and Products
  • Imaging capabilities of resist in deep ultraviolet liquid immersion interferometric lithography
  • Extraction of tartaric acid from aqueous solutions with tri-iso-octylamine
  • N-Octylamine Technical Data Sheet

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