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  • A Technology which capable of processing  food products by converting electric current into heat.
  • Also known as Joule Heating or Resistive Heating.
  • Process involves passing an electric current through the product and in combination with the electrical resistance of the product generates heat in a uniform fashion. Most food products can be heated using Ohmic heating.
  • Ohmic heating can feature a higher energy efficiency, rapidity, uniformity in heating pattern, and cleanability.
  • Benefits are reduced burning, fast processing times, energy efficient, low maintenance.
  • Increasing the rate of freeze-drying up to 25 percent, a significant time and energy savings for processing.
  • A useful tool for value-added processing, and it has great potential for use in a wide variety of food processing operations involving mass transfer.
  • Ohmically heated the Rice bran and also useful in extracting the oil which   yielded more total lipids from rice bran.
  • The whole egg was heated by Ohmic heating at frequency of 20khz.
  • The Ohmic heating process  provide food processors with the opportunity to produce new, high-value-added, shelf-stable products with a quality previously unrealized with current sterilization techniques.
  • Electrical conductivity of all products increased linearly with the temperature during the Ohmic heating at constant voltage gradient.
  • Additionally Ohmic heating can be used in non-food applications such as the processing of sludges and slurries with a high solids.
  • The potential application could be thermal process of meat products, dairy processing, pasteurization\ sterilization of liquid foods, tomato peeling, and fermentation.
  • Optimization of capital investment and product safety as a result of high solids loading capacity.
  • High energy efficiency is achieved because 90% of the electrical energy is converted into heat.


  • Ohmic Heating as an alternative food processing technology.
  • Ohmic Heating.
  • Ohmic Heating of foods.
  • Ohmic Heating Technology.
  • Advanced Heating.
  • A Value Added food processing tool.
  • Fact sheet of Ohmic heating.


  • Continuous direct Ohmic heating.
  • Heat treatment improvement of diary products via Ohmic heating.
  • Experimental setup of Ohmic Heater.
  • Optimization of Ohmic heating of foods inside a flexible package.
  • Ohmic Heating-Energy efficient method.


  • Ohmic heating systems with circulation by worm.
  • Food steamer containers with sequential Ohmic water heating.


  • Direct Ohmic Heating of Meat.
  • Ohmic heating as a coupled non-linear partial differential equation problem.


  • Ohmic Heating units for food and beverage industries.
  • Two-dimensional Ohmic heating in static system.
  • Light weight Ohmic food warming unit.
  • Ohmic Processing of food.
  • Ohmic Heating Equipment.
  • Ohmic Heating System.


  • Consultancy from India.
  • Consultancy from New York.


  • Food manufacturers warm to Ohmic heating technology.
  • USDA grant turns up heat on Ohmic processing.
  • Official opening of New Science & Technology Facilities.


  • Studies of Ohmically Processed Tender Coconut Water.
  • Ohmic & moderate electric field processing.
  • Energy efficiency of a novel Ohmic Heating Technology.
  • Ohmic & Inductive Heating.
  • Ohmic Heating on Increasing Guava Juice Yield.
  • Ohmic Heating on textural characteristics of fresh carrot cubes.
  • Advances in radio frequency & Ohmic heating of meats.
  • Ohmic heating of strawberry products.
  • Ohmic Heating on vacuum drying rate of sweet potato tissue.
  • Protein removal from fish mince wash water using Ohmic heating.


  • Ohmic heating of liquid foods.
  • Technology report-Ohmic Heating.
  • A Review of Ohmic Heating.
  • Energy efficiency of an Ohmic heating technology by fluid jet.
  • Ohmic & Infrared Heating.

Market Demands

  • New Developments & trends in food processing.
  • Impact on Consumer demands & trends on food processing.


  • Ohmic Heating of Fluid Foods.
  • Ohmic cooking of processed meats.
  • Ohmic Heating of Whole Egg.
  • Juice recovery from carrot using 2-stage pressing.
  • Ohmic heating in a food application.
  • Use of Ohmic heating for aseptic processing of food particulates.
  • Ohmic heating for thermal processing of low-acid foods containing solid particulates.


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