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  • The technology status report on oil-field chemicals covers the classification, function, production technologies, end-uses, international scene, status of Indian Industry.
  • Drilling fluid and fluid additives, cement and cement additives, production chemicals, water injection chemicals, well stimulation chemicals and process chemicals are the various classes of oil field chemicals.
  • Extensive testing is performed on the oil field chemicals before and after they are selected.
  • Oilfield reservoir souring operation has occurred when increasing concentrations of hydrogen sulphide H2S are observed in production fluids.
  • Due to diversity of oil and productions parameters demulsifiers must be designed specifically for each oilfield.
  • Oilfield chemicals are used extensively in producing operations.
  • The oil-field chemicals used in the various operations for completion of any oil well.
  • The cycling of sulfur in oil field brines has focused predominantly on bacteria involved in the reduction of sulfur species to sulfides, which are detrimental to the production of these fields.
  • The majority of oil and gas producers, as well as oilfield service and equipment providers have used or been exposed to quality and statistical concepts through various initiatives in their respective organizations.
  • The use of certain oilfield salt brines may be acceptable in dust and ice control.
  • Infrared techniques focus on using IR to monitor the crude oil process conditions in various storage, treatment, and transfer tanks used in oil production fields.
  • Rapid chemical oxidation jetting technologies and passive gas infusion enhanced natural attenuation technologies are effective delivery systems for remediation of hydrocarbons and solvents, common contaminants in oil fields.
  • Centrifugal separators, decanters and the associated system technology used for the applications on board of ships, in power plants, for crude oil recovery and in industry.
  • A major break through in the production of oil field chemicals has taken place in India.
  • The global oil field chemical industry is, in fact, dominated by large corporations that are also active in the wider range of oil field services such as exploration, drilling, design, and engineering.
  • The demand for Production Chemicals in the North American Market (Canada, United States & Mexico) is approaching $1.2 Billion annually.
  • A study identifies oil and gas reserves and production in each of Canadaís producing provinces and each U.S producing state, plus Mexico.
  • Iraqi produce Petrochemical products more than 250,000 Ton/Yr.
  • Iraqi produce Soda ash more than 50,000 Ton/Yr.
  • A Region holds over 20 percent of the countryís potential petroleum reserves with an estimated 20-40 billion tons of oil and 12.4 trillion m3 natural gas.
  • Chemical Categories For the Oil & Gas


  • Oil /Water emulsification in Petroleum Production
  • Tail End Production
  • Oilfield Chemicals Evaluation Overview
  • Specialty Chemicals In Fast growing Sectors
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal process
  • Oil Field Reservoir Souring
  • Oilfield services
  • Specialty Chemicals in the Oil Field
  • Chevron Texaco's Rangely Oil field Operations

Company Profiles

  • Company In Virginia
  • Company In US
  • Company In USA
  • Company In Texas
  • Company In India
  • World Wide Company
  • Company In Belgium
  • Company In UK
  • Company In India
  • Company In India
  • Company In Australia


  • Consultant From Wilmington
  • Consultant From UK
  • Experts in Oil Field Chemistry
  • Consultant From USA
  • Consultant From Middlesbrough
  • Consultant From California


  • Refinery & Oilfield
  • Effects of Oil Field Brines on Biological Integrity of Two Tributaries of the Little Muskingum River, Southeastern Ohio
  • Effect of Nitrate Injection on the Microbial Community in an Oil Field as Monitored by Reverse Sample Genome Probing
  • Guidelines for the Use of Oilfield Salt Brines in Dust and Ice Control
  • Identification, characterization and application of sulfideoxidizing bacteria in oil fields
  • Application of Lean Six Sigma in Oilfield Operations


  • Coated Products & Use Thereof  In Oil Fields
  • Oil & Gas Field Chemicals
  • Microencapsulated Oil Field Chemicals.
  • Placement Process for oil Field Chemicals
  • Composition & Placement Process For Oil Field Chemicals
  • Water In Oil Micro Emulsion Useful For Oil Field Or Gas Field Applications & Methods For Using The Same.
  • Well Kill Treatment For Oil Field Well Bore Operations

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Oil Field Chemical additive
  • Oil Field Chemicals
  • Extraction Of Oil From chemicals
  • Dispose According To Regulation in Force At the Spill Location


  • Buyers Of Oil Field Chemicals
  • Oil Field Chemicals Buyers


  • Cement Fluid Loss Additive
  • Oil Field Products
  • Antimicrobial


  • Investigation of impacts of oil field activities on the San Marcos River and Plum Creek in Caldwell County
  • Investigation of Waste Flowing Through Petronilla Creek and Evaluation of Its Possible Effects on Marine Life in Baffin Bay
  • Oyong Gas & Oil field Development Project
  • Rocky Mountain Oil Field Testing Center Project Test Results
  • Turning Oil Gas Into Liquid


  • Aspen Tech & Schlumberger Demonstrate Joint Oil Field  Asset
  • Oil Field Engineering With Polymers
  • Oil Field Chemicals
  • Industrial Oilfield Chemistry
  • Oil Field Chemicals
  • Production Chemicals in the UK Offshore Continental Shelf


  • Aker OilField  Services
  • Oilfield services construction and engineering
  • Xinjiang Oil Industry Development
  • Oilfield Chemicals
  • Chemical Industries
  • Oil Field Services Limited
  • North American Oilfield Production Chemicals Market 
  • Industry Oil Field Chemicals


  • Environmental Pressure On The Continued Use Of Chemicals In Offshore Oil Field Application.
  • A Cost Effective Statistical Screening Method To Detect Oil Field Brine Contamination
  • Risk Analyses For Disposing Non hazardous Oil Field Wastes In Salt Caverns
  • Pollution Prevention Opportunities
  • Oil Production Chemical Risk Assessment
  • Wild Mortality Risk In Oil Field Waste Pits


  • Suppliers Of Oil Field Chemicals
  • Chemical Oil  Industry Suppliers
  • Manufacturer Of Oil Field Chemicals
  • Oil Field Chemicals Suppliers
  • Potassium Formate Oilfield Chemicals Suppliers


  • Oilfield Connectivity
  • Progress Towards The digital Oilfield
  • High-performance Ester-based Drilling Fluids
  • Monitoring the Process Conditions in Oil Field Production Vessels with Infrared Technology
  • Reinventing oilfield technology
  • Chemical Oxidation & Enhanced Natural Attenuation For Oil Field Remediation
  • Separation Technology for Oilfield Applications

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