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  • Olefin, also known as polypropylene or polyethylene, is a long-chain polymer synthetic fiber. It is created when ethylene and/or propylene gases are polymerized under very specific conditions.
  • Olefin was first manufactured in the late 1950s, and has a myriad of applications in manufacturing, household products and clothing. Use of olefin has steadily increased since the 1960s, and continues to gain in popularity every year as new uses for this easy, durable material are found.
  • Olefin is created when the polymers are melted to a liquid, then run through a machine called a spinneret, which forces the product into a long fiber through small holes. This fiber is then used to make the fabric, or the end product in which it will be used.
  • Olefin resists dyeing, any dye must be added during this melting process, instead of to the final fabric or product. It is highly favored due to its easy, inexpensive manufacturing process. Surprisingly, olefin is relatively environmentally “friendly” due to the few byproducts produced during manufacturing. Olefin is also easily recycled.
  • Ethylene a-olefin plastomers of about 0.9 density and 1.0 melt index are excellent materials for designing TPO formulations for single-ply roofing applications.
  • Catalytic transformation of seed oil via olefin metathesis.
  • Application of Olefin Cross Metathesis in Natural Product Synthesis.
  • The most important applications of olefin metathesis in the field of petrochemicals are the olefins conversion technology (OCT) process (originally the Phillips triolefin process) and the Shell higher olefins process (SHOP).
  • Olefin is also highly resistant to deterioration from chemicals and moisture. One of the drawbacks of olefin is that, because it has a low melting point, it is flammable and will melt if exposed to high heat.
  • Materials made with olefin holds its shape extremely well, making it good for packing and active use.
  • Toxicity test results show that olefin and paraffin SBF are non-toxic to the water-dwelling organisms studied. However, when sediment toxicity tests are considered, internal olefin and some alpha olefin products have significantly less toxicity compared to most paraffin materials.
  • Olefins are similar to paraffins but contain at least two fewer hydrogen atoms providing at least one double bond between adjacent carbon atoms.
  • Olefins with one double bond have the general formula CnH2n.
  • Olefins can be produced from refinery streams or synthesized via ethylene oligomerization. Refinery olefins are highly branched while synthetic olefins are highly linear.
  • The global olefins business is enjoying a period of unprecedented high capacity utilization rates.
  • Olefin has been kept tight by robust demand due to sustained high economic growth rates (particularly in Asia) , and on the other hand, supply has been affected on account of delays in several major projects and feedstock restrictions.
  • A strong and resilient global economy continues to drive demand growth for light olefins.
General Information
  • What is Olefin?
  • Linear alpha olefin
  • Olefin

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Turnkey Providers

  • Turnkey Providers from Thailand
  • Turnkey Providers from South Africa
  • Turnkey Providers from USA
  • Turnkey Providers from Korea
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  • Design of a Modern Olefins Production Facility
  • Energy Efficiency and Innovative Emerging Technologies for Olefins Production
  • Production of Light Olefins through Gas Oil Cracking
  • Linear-1TM Process For Linear Alpha Olefin Production
  • Olefin and Alcohol Production from Wet Natural Gas Holdings


  • Oligomerisation and polymerisation of higher alpha-olefins
  • Developments in Alpha Olefin Production Technology
  • Green Olefins: Process Development for Energy-Efficient Olefins Recovery
  • Olefin Reduction
  • Superstructure Optimization of the Olefin Separation Process
  • The Uhde Star Process Oxydehydrogenation of Light Paraffins to olefins
  • Mechanistic Studies of the Methanol-to-olefin Process on Acidic Zeolite Catalysts by In Situ Solid-state NMR-UV/Vis Spectroscopy


  • Reversible and irreversible processing of biogenic olefins on acidic aerosols
  • Cationic Olefin Polyannulations: History and Application to Steroid and Other Fused Polycycle Syntheses
  • Electrochemical process for converting olefins to ketones
  • Industrial applications of olefin metathesis
  • UOP Indirect Alkylation (InAlkTM) Process Mixed Olefins Application
  • Application of Olefin Cross Metathesis in Natural Product Syntheses
  • Desymmetrization of 7-azabicycloalkenes by tandem olefin metathesis for the preparation of natural product scaffolds
  • Metallocene Plastomer Based Thermoplastic Olefin Compounds Designed For Roof Membrane Applications
  • Catalytic Transformation of Seed Oil Derivatives via Olefin Metathesis


  • Isoelectric focusing in cyclic olefin copolymer microfluidic channels coated by polyacrylamide using a UV photografting method
  • Stopped flow Polymerization of mono and Di-olefiins Combined with in situ solid state NMR observation for the study of Olefins Polymerization Catalysis
  • An Investigation of Olefin Production of Iron-Based Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts Prepared by Different Techniques
  • The Determination of Olefiin Content in Gasoline by Superficial Fluid Chromatography
  • Copolymerization of Polar Monomers with Olefins Using Transition-Metal Complexes
  • Ultra High Purity Oxygen Measurements in Olefins
  • Consultants from New Jersey
  • Consultants from Minnesota
  • Consultants from USA
  • Consultants from Texas
  • Consultants from US


  • Catalyst for the Polymerization of Olefins, Process for its Preparation and its Uses
  • Olefin Process which Combines hydrocarbon Cracking with Coupling Methane
  • Olefins Production
  • Startup of Olefins Production Plant
  • Process for the Co-Polymerization of Olefins
  • Preparation of linear Olefins Products


  • Environmental Impact Assessments - Paraffin Conversion to Olefin
  • EPC General Contracting Of Thermal Power Station Facility Of Shenhua Baotou Coal To Olefin Project
  • Oxidative conversion of alkanes to olefins - mechanistic routes for product formation
  • Olefin Recovery from Chemical Industry Waste Streams
  • Separation Of Olefin/Paraffin Mixtures With Carrier-Facilitated Transport Membranes

Properties and Functions

  • The zeta potential of cyclo-olefin polymer microchannels and its effects on insulative (electrodeless) dielectrophoresis particle
    trapping devices
  • Effect of Aging on Film Properties of Ethylene- Alpha Olefin Copolymers
  • Chemical Structure and Physical Properties of Cyclic Olefins Copolymers
  • Properties of a Carbon Filled Cyclic Olefin Copolymer
  • Transport properties of PA12-PTMO/AgBF4 solid polymer electrolyte membranes for olefin/paraffin separation


  • A Comparison of the Environmental Performance of Olefin and Paraffin Synthetic Base Fluids
  • Development of the Olefin Metathesis Method in Organic Synthesis
  • Ethylene Oligomerization to Low Carbon Olefins by a Zirconium Complex Incorporating 8-Quinolinolato Ligands at a Low Al/Zr Ratio
  • LDRD Final Report on New Homogeneous Catalysts for Direct Olefin Epoxidation
  • High Production Volume Chemical Challenge Program


  • Alpha Olefins (Linear)
  • Global olefins expected to grow well until 2009
  • Light Olefins Market Outlook
  • North America Light Olefins Review
  • Structure and Status of Olefin Indian Industry


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