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  • Onions, Allium cepa L., Cepa group, is a biennial of the Alliaceae family. The edible portions of the bulb are the enlarged leaf bases and compact stem.
  • Onion is a cool season biennial that is tolerant of frost.
  • Onion, being high in water content, is a delicate commodity to store and requires special procedure
    and parameters, giving rise to the concept of Onion cold storage.
  • Onions intended for storage should be dried well and cured in the field, under sheds, or in storage.
  • Bunched green onions can be stored 3 to 4 weeks at 0 C (32 F) with 95 to 98% RH. Under these conditions, bunched onions stored in polyethylene-lined containers and top-iced maintain excellent quality for 1 mo.
  • Storage-life decreases to 1 week if the temperature is 5 C (41 F), and rapid yellowing and decay of leaves occurs at higher temperatures.
  • Drying is complete when the onion neck is tight, outer scales are dry and make a rustling noise when touched, and the skin color is uniform.
  • In handling onions it is a good idea to pass them over a screen to catch any of the loose skins and to remove any of the soft, decaying bulbs.
  • Another good option for storing onions is to tie them up in bunches and store them by hanging them upside down in a cool, dry place.
  • It is suggested here that along with cold chain facilities it is required to maintain the quality due to high ambient temperature prevalent in our country.
  • China dominates the world in onion production with an annual contribution of around 32% to the world production. Indias contribution was around 10% to the world production and is the second largest producer in the world.
  • India mainly exports onions to South East Asian countries, Middle East-Gulf countries and CIS countries.
  • Onion Storage
  • Onion
  • Commercial Storage Of Onion
  • Onion Cultivation
  • Onion storage diseases
  • Effect Of Cultivation Factors On Flavonoid Content In Yellow Onion
  • Onion Cultivation & Seed Production
  • Recommendations for Maintaining Post-harvest Quality
  • Dehydrator Bulb Onion Production In California
  • Reducing Onion Bulbs Flaking and Increasing Bulb Yield and Quality by Potassium and Calcium Application
  • Improved Cultivation Of White Dehydrator Onion


  • Economic Impacts of Producing and Storing Some Onion Cultivars Irrigated by Different Irrigation Regimes in New Land
  • Energy Usage In UK Onion Bulk Storage
  • Storage Disease
  • Dehumidification Application
  • Post-Harvest Management Of Bulbs
  • Onions - Post-Harvest Handling and Storage
  • Onion Production Guide
  • Retarding Bulb Rot Incidence in Onion with Selected Curing and Storage Methods
  • Onion Storage Structure
  • Sweet Onion Selection and Storage
  • Understanding the Onion Storage Ventilation System


  • Onion Experimentation Project
  • MSAMB-APEDA'S Common Export Facility Center For Onion
  • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Onion & Cold Storage Corporation
  • Onion Cold Storage
  • Short-Day Onion Regeneration
  • Package of technology for onion cultivation
  • Kharif Onion Production Technology
  • Storage Of Onion
  • Post Harvest Technology


  • Onion Harvester With Leaf Topper
  • Method And Apparatus For Trimming Onions Or Like Produce
  • Preparation Of Fresh Comminuted Onions
  • Process For Controlling The Pinking Of Onions
  • Product storage Apparatus
  • Packaging And Storage Container
  • Onion Loader/Unloader Conveyor System
  • Onion-Market
  • Testing Market integration In Regional Onion Market Of Pakistan
  • Improving Onion Yield And Market Grade By Mechanical Straw Application To Irrigation
  • Onion Production and Marketing in New Mexico
  • Onion market profile
  • Onion Post Harvest Industry Profile


  • Onion Harvest And Storage
  • Investigating and developing fungicide options for onion white rot control in Australia
  • Crop Profile for Onions in Georgia
  • Effect of Liberalized U.S.-Mexico Dry Onion Trade
  • Onion thrips expected with mustard flush


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