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  • Phadebas is an abbreviation of Pharmacia Diagnostics Biologically Active Substances.
  • Phadebas is a substrate used for both qualitative and quantitative assessment of the alpha-Amylase enzyme.
  • The active component of Phadebas is DSM-P, microspheres in which a blue dye has been chemically bound.
  • Phadebas is used in a wide range of applications from quality control tests for food & beverages to detection of saliva stains in forensic investigations.
  • The Phadebas Amylase Test (PAT) was originally developed by Pharmacia Diagnostics and first launched in 1970.
  • Phadebas Honey Diastase Test was launched resulting in totally eight products in the Phadebas portfolio.
  • PAT is used for accurately determining α-amylase for a wide variety of industrial as
    well as academic applications, e.g.; α-amylase from detergents, Biotech research & development (e.g., bacterial excretion of amylase), Dentistry applications, Reagent for
    the clinical diagnosis of pancreatitis, Specialty chemicals.
  • The test used to identify amylase uses phadebas consisting of starch microspheres with a blue dye cross-linked to the starch. The blue starch microspheres are immobilized on filter paper sheets. In the presence of amylase the starch is digested, releasing the water soluble dye, which diffuses through the pores of the filter paper. The resulting blue color is visually observed on the non-reagent side.
  • Phadebas.
  • Phadebas Test.
  • Phadebas Amylase Test.
  • Identification of Biological Fluids and Stains.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Technical Information Sheets
  • Phadebas Forensic Press test.


  • Comparison between a New Chromogenic alpha-amylase test (Phadebas) and the wohlgemuth amyloclastic method in Urine.

MSDS & Product

  • MSDS of Phadebas honey diastase test tablets.
  • Phadebas Forensic MSDS.
  • Phadebas amylase Test tablets.


  • Alpha-amylase mutants.
  • Method of determining the concentration of pancreatic and salivary alpha-amylase in body fluids.
  • Fungal Alpha-amylase variants.
  • Chimeric enzymes.
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis technique.
  • Yeast derivative and method to improve bread quality.
  • Allergy Test.
  • Fermentation Process.
  • Fermentation with a Phytase.
  • Dry yeast compositions and its process.
  • Method for retarding staling of baked goods.
  • Liquid detergent composition exhibiting enhanced alpha-amylase enzyme stability.

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  • Consultancy from Online.
  • Phadebas Experts.
  • Online Consultants.


  • Evaluation of two kinetic methods for serum amylase.
  • Phadebas methods of determining alpha-amylase activity in wheat flour.
  • Detection of Foreign enzyme addition in to the adulterated honey.
  • Comparison of modern techniques for saliva screening.
  • Use of polilight in the detection of seminal fluid, saliva and bloodstains.
  • Action pattern of serum amylase using p-nitrophenyl-maltoheptaoside as substrate.
  • Tetrazolium staining, mitochondria, and barley quality.
  • Using oral microbial DNA analysis to identify expirated bloodspatter.


  • Standardization of an alpha-amylase kit procedure.
  • Forensic analysis of expirated blood.
  • Diastase activity in honey.
  • The value of routine pancreatic iso-amylase measurements in the diagnosis of pancreatitis.
  • Enzymatic characterization of an alpha-amylase from the ruminal bacterium.
  • Saliva Detection Paper.



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