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  • Phytosterols are plant sterols structurally similar to cholesterol that act in the intestine to lower Cholesterol absorption.
  • The term " phytosterols " covers plant sterols and plant stanols. Plant sterols are naturally occurring substances present in the diet principally as minor components of vegetable oils. Plant stanols, occurring in nature at a lower level, are hydrogenation compounds of the respective plant sterols.
  • Benefit of Phytosterols - Cholesterol Reduction :- Phytosterols may be beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels. Because they have very low systemic absorption and are already present in healthy diets, increasing the intake of phytosterols may be a practical way to reduce coronary heart disease with minimum risk.
  • Free phytosterols extracted from oils are insoluble in water, relatively insoluble in oil, and soluble in alcohols.
  • Dietary phytosterols :- The richest naturally occurring sources of phytosterols are vegetable oils and products made from them. Nuts, which are rich in phytosterols, are often eaten in smaller amounts but can still significantly contribute to total phytosterol intake.
  • The intake of naturally occurring phytosterols ranges between ~150-450 mg/day depending on eating habit.
  • The most commonly occurring phytosterols in the human diet are β-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol which account for approximately 65%, 30% and 3% of diet contents,respectively.
  • Oils have a very high content of phytosterols. gdPeas, cauliflower and broccoli are vegetables with a high content of phytosterols. Oranges, tangerines and mangos are fruits with a high content of phytosterols.
  • Phytosterol 40+ series includes four products:
    1. Anti-aging Nourishing Cream for dry skin
    2. Anti-aging Eye Cream for dry skin
    3. Moisturizing cream for dry skin
    4. Anti-aging Serum for dry skin
  • Phytosterols so closely resemble cholesterol that they can actually block food-based cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream. The result is that both phytosterols and dietary cholesterol end up excreted in waste matter.
  • Nutritional supplement manufacturers also offer phytosterols in tablet form for those individuals who don't want the extra calories of cholesterol-lowering margarine.
  • A daily intake of approximately 2.5 g of phytosterols enriched breakfast cereal, reduced fat yoghurt, reduced fat milk or bread reduces LDL-C levels by approximately 5 to 15%.
  • Phytosterols are able to:
    • reduce both total cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins levels.
    • Inhibit the cholesterol absorption in the intestine due to great hydrophobicity. High doses of phytosterols can reduce the cholesterol absorption in 30-50%.
    • Act as immunomodulators, playing a pivotal role in the prevention of colon and breast cancers, control of the benign prostatic hyperplasia and in the damaged tissues associated with inflammation.
  • Phytosterols are widely
    employed in different sectors:
    • As food additive
    • In medicine.
    • In pharmacy.
    • In biotechnology.
    • In cosmetics
General Information
  • Introduction Of Phytosterols
  • Effects And Benefits Of Phytosterols
  • Phytosterols: What Are They and How Can They Help Lower Your Cholesterol?
  • Assessment Of Phytosterols


  • Amaranth Seed Oil CO2
  • Beta-Phytosterol
  • NET Sterol - 100
  • Phytostertol Prills
  • Saw Palmetto Extract CO2
  • Saw Palmetto Extract


  • Phytosterol Protein Complex
  • Phytosterol Blends
  • Phytosterol Compositions
  • Pulverulent Phytosterol Formulations
  • Dispersion Of Phytosterols
  • Incorporation Of Phytosterols Into Flavorings
  • Phytosterol Nutritional Supplements
  • Oil And Fat Composition Containnig Phytosterol
  • Oleate Ester Phytosterol Compositions
  • Extraction Of Phytosterols From Corn Fiber Using Green Solvents

Company Profiles 

  • Company From Ashland,MA
  • Company From China
  • Company For Phytosterols
  • Company From Florida
  • Company From Greg McParland
  • Company From Hunan Province, P.R. China
  • Company From India
  • Company From Jiangsu Province, China
  • Company From Tigard OR


  • Technology From China
  • Technology For Phytosterols


  • Suppliers Of Phytosterols
  • Phytosterols Suppliers List
  • Manufacturers Of Phytosterols
  • Exporters Of Phytosterols
  • Phytosterols Suppliers
  • Phytosterols Suppliers List
  • Suppliers Of Phytosterols


  • Toxicity and Safety
    of Fats and Oils

Health Effects

  • Assessment of Certain Categories of Foods Containing Added Phytosterols
  • The Importance of Phytosterols and Phytostanols for Heart Health
  • Phytosterol-Esters: Use In a Range Of Food Products
  • Health benefits of phytosterols
  • 10 Health Benefits of Phytosterols (Lipids)
  • Sources of flavors and phytosterols


  • The effects of phytosterol in low fat milk on serum lipid levels
  • Phytosterol/Stanol enriched foods
  • From Soybean Phytosterols to Steroid Hormones
  • Lipid and Phytosterol Oxidation in Vegetable Oils and Fried Potato
  • Synthesis of Phytosterol Esters with Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
  • The phytosterol phenomenon
  • Innovative Method For Increasing Phytosterols Production


  • Choleast-900
  • CholestePure
  • Data Sheet
  • FiberCea
  • Lipid Support Formula
  • Technical Sheet
  • Opti-Omega Q® with Phytosterols
  • Reducol™
  • Product Data Sheet
  • PHP Rice Bran Solubles
  • Select Ingredients® RiBalance
  • Select Ingredients® RiFiber
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Beta-Sitosterol (phytosterol)


  • Market Trends
  • Market Growth
  • Research And Markets


  • A Study On Micronization Of Phytosterol By The Ress Technique
  • GRAS Determination for a Phytosterol Ester-Enriched Vegetable Oil Product
  • Phytosterol content of sea buckthorn seed oil: Extraction and identification
  • High dietary intake of phytosterol esters decreases carotenoids and increases plasma plant sterol levels
  • Oxidative stability of phytosterols in food models and foods
  • Phytosterol oxidation in oil-in-water emulsions and bulk oil


  • Phytosterols and cardiovascular health
  • Phytosterols In Selected Grain Processing Residues
  • Evaluation Of Certain Food Additives
  • The effects of phytosterols /stanols on blood lipid profiles
  • Efficacy of Plant Phytosterol Mixture Contained in a Commercial Juice Blend in Reducing Cholesterol
  • Safety and Tolerability of Esterified Phytosterols
  • A single daily dose of soybean phytosterols in ground beef
    decreases serum total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in young
  • Dietary supplementation with phytosterol reduces body mass accumulation
  • Anticancer effects of phytosterols

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