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  • Polyisocyanates: Species possessing free isocyanate groups and derived from monomeric isocyanates either by directly linking these monomeric units (a homopolymer) or by reacting these monomers with di- or poly-functional alco­hols or amines (a copolymer).
  • For highly elastic coatings with resistance to accelerated and outdoor weathering; combination with suitable polyisocyanates allows variation of the elasticity using the same polyol mill base Polyurethanes based on aliphatic polyisocyanates are well known for their outstanding properties, especially for their exceptional resistance to weathering.
  • Polyisocyanates -  Quantifying polyisocyanates is much more complex.There are currently three potential approaches used to quantify and express concentrations of polyisocyanates; the pure product mass, the NCO group concentration or mass, and the monomer equivalent mass.
  • Polyisocyanate which is also insoluble in water.
  • Isocyanates are chemicals containing the highly reactive isocyanate group. When there are two or more isocyanate groups on a molecule (diisocyanates or polyisocyanates), they can link together with certain other molecules to form long chained polymers called polyurethanes.
  • Polyisocyanates may elicit four major types of reactions in the lower respiratory tract:
    1. Toxic bronchitis with asthma, also called reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS), caused by very high exposure levels.
    2. Bronchial asthma caused by sensitization to diisocyanates, where very low exposure levels may provoke symptoms.
    3. Accelerated decline in FEV1
    4. Extrinsic allergic alveolitis like e.g. in “bathtub refinisher´s lung”
  • The polyisocyanate Compositions Are Useful in the Preparation Of Elastomeric Products



General Information
  • Properties Of Polyisocyanates
  • Basonat Hardeners


  • Activators
  • Aliphatic Polyisocyanate Mixture
  • Anti-Graffiti Clear Glaze Kit-Hardener
  • Aromatic Isocyanate
  • Desmodur N 3300
  • Cross Linker
  • Desmodur N 75 BA
  • Ilumitex Lacquer Two Pack Water Based (ACTIVATOR)
  • Millionate MR-200
  • Mountain Grout
  • WB101 2 Pack Anti-Graffiti Coating-Hardener
  • Urethane Catalyst


  • Product Guide
  • Product Safety Summary
  • Product Range
  • Product Information
  • Fact Sheet
  • Product Description


  • Polyisocyanates
  • Polyisocyanates Compositions
  • Modified Polyisocyanates
  • Polyisocyanates Prepolymer
  • Organic Polyisocyanates
  • Blocked Polyisocyanates
  • Stabilized Polyisocyanates
  • Aromatic Polyisocyanates
  • Water-Emulsifiable Polyisocyanates
  • Biuret Polyisocyanates
  • Polyisocyanates Reaction Products
  • Hybrid Polyisocyanates

Company Profiles

  • Company From Zhejiang Province
  • Company From Belgium


  • Health And Safety
  • Health Hazards
  • Safe Use

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  • Suppliers Of Polyisocyanates
  • Manufacturers Of Polyisocyanates
  • Polyisocyanates Suppliers List
  • Polyisocyanates Suppliers
  • Polyisocyanates Manufacturers
  • Suppliers List Of Polyisocyanates
  • Suppliers Of Polyisocyanates


  • Consultancy From Changzhou
  • Consultancy From Saulsbury


  • Studies on Reactive Water-Dispersible Polyisocyanate
    and Polyurethane-Urea Micelle as Coating Materials
  • Isocyanate Exposure In Bathtub Refinishing: A Propos A Case Of Occupational Asthma
  • Biobased Polyisocyanates from Plant Oil Triglycerides: Synthesis, andCharacterization


  • Polyisocyanates in Occupational Environments: A Critical Review of Exposure Limits and Metrics
  • Automative Refinishing Industry Isocyanate Profile
  • Skin Exposure to Aliphatic Polyisocyanates in the Auto Body Repair and Refinishing Industry


  • Polyisocyanates-Products And Applications
  • Polyisocyanate hardeners as reaction partners in waterborne dispersion
  • Applications Of Polyisocyanates
  • Resins – Polyols and Aspartics
    for reaction with Polyisocyanates:
    Products and applications
  • New Basonat® Polyisocyanate
    for Faster Handling
  • Easaqua™-Polyisocyanates for easy waterborne polyurethane coatings
  • New Low Viscous Polyisocyanates
    for VOC Compliant Systems
  • Tolonate™-Aliphatic polyisocyanates for polyurethane coatings

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