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  • PLA products were produced from renewable resources such as corn and sugarcane instead of petroleum, thus offsetting the United States’ need for foreign oil and reducing waste.
  • In conventional paper cups they are coated with PE (Polyethylene) derived from oil, to make board waterproof. Cups coated in PLA (Polylatic acid) the plastic is derived from plants, so both the board and the coating are derived from fully renewable sources.
  • Today, plastic is not the best material to use for any mass produced product because it is definitely not biodegradable.
  • Paper products coated with PE/PET are friendlier to our environment than plastic.
  • However, polymers that coat these paper products are still not as biodegradable as 100% pure PLA coated eco friendly paper products.
  • PLA coated paper eco products can be repulped and made into basic raw materials likes tissue or kraft paper. PLA paper products are recyclable and re-usable.
  • Originally, 100% pure PLA coated paper eco products were perceived to be more expensive than traditional PE/PET coated products.
  • However, because PE/PET resin is petroleum based, mounting oil prices have lead to a tremendous increase in price of PE/PET coated paper products. Thus, 100% pure PLA eco friendly paper products are similarly priced to traditional PE/PET products and are also completely biodegradable.
  • The Ingeo™ biopolymer (PLA) used in ecotainer® products has been modified to maintain the required performance characteristics for paperboard packaging under elevated temperatures.
  • This packaging has demonstrated performance in the market as a hot beverage cup and food container in the market for more than four years.
  • Previously PLA has been mainly used on Plastic Glasses designed for cold drinks. This is because PLA would begin to dissolve if it touched a hot drink.
  • The latest varities are temperature treated to make it suitable for use with piping hot drinks; this advance has made the coating appropriate for use with paper coffee cups.
  • A main benefit of PLA coated paper cups is that the coating is made from a renewable resource, this accounts for roughly 5% of the material used for an average single-wall paper cup.
  • PLA-based coated paper provides water-proofing and
    grease resistance that is competitive with a PE coated paper.
  • Introduction of PLA Biodegradable ECO Products, Biodegradable As 100% Pure PLA Coated
  • Facts About ecotainer® Products
  • PLA Coated Board Cups FAQs
  • Paper Cups for Hot Drinks
  • PE vs. Wax vs. PLA lined paper cups
  • Seen to be green? Is there any substance behind the promises?
  • Nature package
  • Kitchen scraps
  • Compost

MSDS & Products

  • PLA Hot Cups MSDS
  • PLA based products
  • PLA-laminated paper plates
  • ''Enviro friendlier'' food packaging
  • Paper hot cups with Ingeo lining & lids
  • Compostable PLA Plastic 16oz Magenta Paper Hot Cups
  • 8oz ecotainer hot cup
  • 3" Deep Fill Sandwich Wedge with PLA Corn Plastic Window
  • Compostable PLA Coated paper cup
  • EFGLO Biodegradable PLA Coated Paper Products
  • PLA coating paper cup
  • Corn (PLA) hot cup

Manufacturing process

  • High model full automatic plastic cup thermoforming machine
Market & Videos
  • Eco-products in market
  • Heat resistance test for PLA cup
  • Corn plastics
  • Organic and fair trade difference explained


  • Bio-degradable cup and method for making the same
  • Paper products
  • Coating grade polylactide and coated paper, preparation and uses thereof, and articles prepared therefrom
  • Paper Tube Packaging with Coated Interior
  • Compostable coated paper or paperboard, a method for manufacturing the same and products obtained thereof
  • Structural improvement for cup container
  • Paper cup comprising a sheet of Polylatic acid laminated paper

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Company & Consultancy

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  • Campus Composting Initiative
  • PLA for Paper Coating
  • PLA-coated paper cup test report
  • Greening your take-out packaging
  • Composting 101
  • Catering & packaging ware replacement chart
  • Biodegradable Polymers Performance made sustainable
    with Ecovio® FS Paper
  • Moving Away From Disposable Paper Cups


  • Polystyrene foam cups and plated use less energy, water then paper or corn-based alternatives
  • Nanometers to Millimeter
    New Applications and Opportunities
  • Life cycle inventory of foam polystyrene, paper-based and PLA foodservice products
  • Introducing Polylactic acid as a green wet-end paper strength additive
  • Guideline for working towards zero waste events
  • Effect of Heat-Treatment on the Performance of Gas Barrier Layers Applied by Atomic Layer Deposition onto Polymer-Coated Paperboard
  • A comparative analysis of the environmental impacts of
    ceramic plates and biodegradable plates (made of corn starch) using the Life Cycle Assessment tool
  • Applications of life cycle assessment to NatureWorks
    polylactide (PLA) production

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