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  • Four items are essential in order to screen print. These are a printing medium (thick film paste), a screen to define the required patterns, a surface onto which the print will be made (the substrate) and a squeegee to force the paste through the screen
  • Polymer thick film inks are typically formulated with a metallic flake or powder to carry a charge and bound with a thermoplastic resin
  •  Polymer thick film inks can be used to print on polymer-based film, polycarbonate, paper and other substrates.
  • PTF inks are compatible with most printing methods, from flatbed and rotary-screen printing and flexography to rotogravure, as well as tampo (pad) and inkjet printing.
  • The inks for the specialized field of printable electronics have to be specially designed.
  • Pastes & Inks that reduce costs are in demand, and are necessary to keep out competition
  • Inks & Pastes that enable higher resolution printing & miniaturization are in demand
  • Printed electronic inks
  • Screen Printing
  • Printed Conductors

Patents & Technology Information

  • PTF Inks
  • Functional Printed Inks
  • Flexographic Printing Inks
  • Manufacture of electronic displays
  • Inkjet Printing For Making Fine
    Conductors and MultiLayer
  • Printable Materials and Devices for Electronic Packaging
  • Barium Titanate synthesis
  • Method of Fabricating static & addressable emissive displays
  • UV-Curable Inks for PTF Laminates
  • Polymer Compositions
  • Graphene Inks
  • Conducting Polymers
  • Polymer thick film resister compositions
  • Graphene Materials
  • Composition for use in RFID Applications
  • Biosensors

Companies & Products

  • Company in CA
  • Company - Germany
  • Company - TX
  • Company - North America
  • Company - IL
  • Optical Materials
  • Screen printable, barium titanate filled fluoropolymer dielectric composition
  • Electrical Materials
  • Printed Circuit Materials
  • UV Curable solvent less screen printable composition
  • Printed Electronic Inks
  • UV Curable Dielectric Coatings
  • UV Curing printed electronics

Project Information

  • Preparing Precise Polymer Solutions
  • Markets
  • Consultant - market data
  • Technology Source

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