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  • On account of an enormous increase in the demand for wood the government of India is actively promoting social forestry, agro forestry, tree farming and wasteland forestation projects
  • Poplar is one of the fast growing industrial woods which can be grown as a mono crop as well as in association with agricultural crops. Its wood being light, homogenous and odorless is suitable for match splints, plywood, ply board, packing cases, sports goods, artificial limbs, furniture, pulp paper, wood wool, light constructional timber, pencils, furniture etc. Poplar being a deciduous species adds tremendous amount of leaf litter to the soil and is considered to be one of the best species for agro forestry. The species has performed well in India especially above latitude 28 North.
  • Though ideally, the plants are ready for harvest in eighth year when they attain a girth of about 90-100 cm, the present trend is to harvest after six years. Marketing is done as standing trees or after felling and cutting into logs. A large quantity of poplar wood is used for making match splints, plywood and block boards. The wood is also good for making paper pulp and being light in weight is ideally suited for making packing cases. White furniture made out of poplar wood is getting popular with people. Poplar wood can be used for paneling and cup boards. The wood is also being utilized by the sports goods industry and is also suitable for toy and pencil making.
  • Government provides the financial support through nationalized banks by agreeing to advance bank loans to farmers who raise agro-forestry plantations. It also sponsors any agency interested in raising suitable planting stock and provides technical know-how to the farmers.
  • Poplars are popular with the farmers and on suitable sites they grow faster than eucalyptus. The wood is soft, white and of uniform density.
 Basic Information
  • Agro Forestry System

Growth and Cultivation

  • Black Poplar
  • Tulip Poplar
  • Tulip Poplar Details
  • Lombardy Poplar
  • The cultivation of poplar short rotation coppice
  • Growth and Yield of Poplar
  • Poplar and Willow Cultivation and Utilization
  • Drought Tolerance
  • Harvesting
  • Yield in Poplar Plantations

Nurseries and Growers

  • Seedlings
  • Seedling Catalog

Project Information

  • Project Outline
  • Project Economics
  • Poplars in India
  • Promoting Poplar Plantations
  • Agro Consultancy
  • Contract Farming
  • Nitrogen Fertilization of Poplar Plantations
  • Genetic Perturbations in Poplar Trees
  • Tree Sciences

Market  Scenario - India

  • Poplar Agro Forestry in India
  • Biomass production and carbon stock
  • Farm Forestry
  • Properties and utilization of poplar wood

Utilization Reports

  • Landfill Evapotranspiration Barrier
  • Short rotation crop for use as an energy source
  • Poplar Plywood
  • Laminated veneer lumber manufacturing
  • Environment Friendly

  Government support

  • Free Supply of Poplar to the Farmers
  • Training cum Demonstration
  • Project support
  • Regulations

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