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  • Pulse oximetry
    is noninvasive method of monitoring oxygen saturation and heart rate
  • Pulse oximetry is the technology calculating the results to display a number on the oximeter’s screen that tells the percent of oxygen in blood. A finger pulse oximeter also measures pulse rate.
  • There are many different types of pulse oximetry monitoring devices available worldwide.
  • Oximeters fall into three distinct groups:
    Finger probe pulse oximeters intended for personal use ; Hand-held units or stand alone units which focus just on oxygen saturation and pulse;
    Stand alone units which incorporate other parameters including ECG, capnography, or blood pressure monitoring.
  • According to World Health Organization estimates suggest that more than half of the operating rooms are not equipped with pulse oximeters in many countries
  • Financial limitations and provider inexperience are two critical factors that must be considered to close demand-supply gap. WHO’s Global Pulse Oximetry Project is expected to address both of these issues by providing a robust, low cost pulse oximeter to the developing world and the training to use it effectively
  • India imports almost all the pulse oximeter from Chinese companies


  • Pulse Oximeter Fundamentals & Design
  • The Monitoring of Oxygenation and Ventilation
  • Video Clips


  • Pulse Oximeter Design
  • A Pulse Oximeter on Microcontroller
  • Reference Designs
  • Pulse Oximeter via Finger Clip Reference Design
  • Miniaturized Pulse Oximeter Reference Design


  • Mobile phone pulse oximeter
  • The cost effectiveness of pulse oximetry
  • Development of a Stand-Alone Pulse Oximeter
  • Wireless Pulse Oximeter


  • Manufacturing Options
  • Wearable pulse Oximeter project
  • Wireless Pulse Oximeter
  • Wireless Pulse Oximeter Project
  • Reflectance-based pulse oximetry
  • The design and implementation of a low-cost, portable and wearable pulse oximeter


  • Pulse Oximetry System
  • Pulse Oximetry Calibrator
  • Signal Extraction Technology

Technology Sources

  • Technology Source
  • Technology source profile
  • Sourcing for technology
  • USA Company

Raw materials, Parts & Accessories Suppliers

  • Parts and accessories for our range of pulse oximeters
  • Product catalogue
  • Bill of Materials

Regulatory Compliance

  • Medical Devices Regulations
  • Compliance
  • Oximetry Testing Service
  • Guidelines by FDA


  • Product Innovations
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - User Manual
  • Service Manual


  • Global Pulse Oximetry Projects
  • Pulse imports into India - Recent data
  • Pulse oximetry market estimates
  • Global Pulse Oximeter Industry Market Research Consultant
  • Pulse oximeters breathe life into surgery in poorer nations
  • Pulse Oximetry News
  • Tender - sample

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