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  • Pyrotol was an explosive available for a time after World War I. It was reprocessed from military surplus cordit and smokeless powder.
  • Usually used in combination with dynamite, it created an incendiary blast.
  • Since it was very inexpensive, it was often used by farmers to remove tree stumps and clear ditches.
  •  Production of pyrotol dwindled in the 1920s after the Bath School disaster where the substance was used to blow up an elementary school and kill 45 people, mostly children.
  • It is likely that production would have dwindled soon anyway, as supplies of military surplus powders ran out.
    He used a detonator to ignite dynamite and hundreds of pounds of pyrotol which he had secretly planted inside the school over the course of many months.
  • Pyrotol is also the trademarked name of a catalyst used in the industrial production of benzene through a process known as pyrolysis.
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  • Prequalification
  • Alken-Murray Corporation
  • Health Hazard Data
  • Inventory of the Records of the National Park Service
  • Burner qualification and Capabilities
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  • Detol, Litol , and Pyrotol
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Manufacturing process

  • Benzene Extraction
  • Opinions on Pyrotol catalyst
  • The Bath County Bombing


  • Method of Varying The Temperature of a Tube Bundle Reactor
  • Internationale Veroffrntlichungsnummer
  • Shell -And-Tube Type Reactor For Carrying out Catalytic Gaseous Phase Reactions and Procedure
  • Tubular Reactor For Carrying Out Gas-Phase Reaction And Method For Operating said Reactor
  • Europaische patentschrift

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Raw material suppliers

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Company profiles

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