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  • The most serious problem in the Industry that has Painting process is the generation of waste known as paint sludge
  • India generates 65,000 Tonnes of Industrial Paint
    sludge per year . Out of which, 40, 000 Tonnes are from organized sector, which can be properly recycled.
  •  Paint Sludge Removal System ,along with sedimentation unit saves the cost of labor, reduces the cleaning up process and eliminates clogging.
  •  The paint sludge are usually air-dried in waste sheds and then disposed by incineration or as alternate fuel in cement kilns through
  • The waste paint sludge can be converted to Primer
  • Such a conversion results in getting double benefits - saving on disposal cost of paint sludge and recycled primer is useful and saves buying primer
  • Number of Automobile companies have already developed the process and benefiting in obtaining greater productivity in the manufacturing operations
  • The message has to be passed on to unorganized sector
Basic Information
  • Sludge
  • Paint Booth
  • Spray Booth Design
  • Paint & enamel sludge removal systems
  • Technology for the Drying of Paint Sludge with Solvent Recovery
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Paint Sludge System
  • Recycling of Water-Based Paint
  • Microwave Pyrolysis
  • Patent - Process for conversion of the sludge into a usable paint
  • Painting Process
  • Wet Separation
Project Information
  • Project Details
  • Converting Waste Paint Sludge generated to usable Primer for Castings and industrial paints
  • Project Presentation
  • Handling Paint Waste from Your Business
  • Sludge Treatment System in Water Bath of Painting Booth
  • Paint Sludge Removal Systems
  • Tool Cleaning & Water recycling
  • Paint Remover

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Environment Protection
  • Paint
  • Paint disposal problems
  • Paint Sludge Site


  • Water Wash Spray Booth Paint Sludge Recovery
  • Managing Hazardous Wastes

Company Data

  • Recycling of paint sludge
  • Converting paint sludge to primer
  • Paint Sludge Reuse
  • Cement Plant
  • Alternative Fuel for Coal Fired Power Generating Station
  • Use in cement kiln

Market Scenario

  • End‐of‐Life Options
    for Waste Paint In Australia
  • Recycler of Hazardous Waste
  • Process for Treatment of Paint Sludge Wastes - Historical development
  • News from Companies

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