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  • Scoria is a textural term for macro vesicular volcanic rock.
  • It is commonly, but not exclusively, basaltic or andesitic in composition.
  •  Scoria is light as a result of numerous macroscopic ellipsoidal vesicles, but most scoria has a specific gravity greater than 1, and sinks in water.
  • Scoria, the less silica-rich equivalent of pumice, are vesicular (bubbly) glassy volcanic rock fragments of basaltic to andesitic composition that are ejected during explosive eruptions.
  • Scoria is the common product of strombolian eruptions or lava fountains.
  • The bubbles are due to the escape of volcanic gases from the magma during the eruption when they are 'frozen' inside the glass.
  •  Scoria is typically dark gray to black in color, mostly due to its high iron content. Sometimes, oxidation (of iron) leads to a deep reddish-brown color.
  • Is a type of igneous rock formed under pressure during the formation of volcanic cones.
  • Scoria formed as lava exploded out of a volcano. 
  • Gas bubbles formed inside the lava, and were trapped as the lava cooled and hardened into rock.
  • Volcanic cones of scoria can be left behind after eruptions, usually forming mountains with a crater at the summit.
  • It is therefore extremely hard and durable yet very porous,
    so it drains water from surface soils extremely well.
  • Scoria cones (also called cinder or tephra cones) commonly occur in groups or fields, such as in Crater Flat.
  • Crater Flat is a relatively small cinder cone field; some contains hundreds of cones.
  • They can be used to reduce the finished weight of any concrete or masonry product by up to 30%.
  • They are ideal for specialty applications in the filter and refractory areas where our sand's light weight, excellent insulating and fire refractory properties give the product unique benefits.
  • Scoria has very good drainage properties
  • Scoria
  • Scoria Descripition
  • Neighborhood Rocks 
  • Information about Scoria
  • Scoria Cones
  • Scoria  
  • Scoria Rocks


  • Cavity Minerals At Summit Rock, Oregon
  • Sedimentary Interaction Between Pyroclastic Flow Deposits Of the Poris Member From The Las Canada
  • Geocene
  • Reconstructing an eroded scoria cone: the Miocene Sooenica Hill volcano
  • Strombolian Eruptions and Scoria Cones In Reference to Volcanic Consequence Analysis at Yucca Mountain
  • Mount Elephant
  • Geochemical variations within monogenic scoria cones
  • New Data On The Basalt Volcano
  • Volcano- Stratigraphical Description of the submarine complex
  • Educational Kit Volcanoes


  • Avian use of scoria rock outcrops
  • Snow & Ice Control Materials
  • New Trends In Tree Crop Fertigation
  • Blended cement and lightweight concrete using scoria mix design, strength, durability and heat insulation characteristics
  • Deterioration and corrosion in scoria based blended cement concrete subjected to mixed sulfate environment
  • Catalyst-Packed Non-Thermal Plasma Reactor for Removal of Nitrogen Oxides
  • Fine Tuning of Fertigation and Irrigation in Horticulture

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  • Company From Congo
  • Company From Canada
  • Company From New Mexico


  • Scoria Report
  • Scoria Commodity Report 1998
  • Monitoring high energetic Strombolian activity at Stromboli volcano
  • A Preliminary Report
  • North Dakota Weed Seed Free Gravel, Scoria, or Sand Surface Mining Operation Minimum Standards
  • Volcanologist Report


  • Controlled Permeability Films
  • Use In Gas Fired Barbicue Grills
  • Light Weight Thermal Insulation Material Product & Process
  • Concrete Composition & Methods For The Preparations Thereof
  • Process For Extracting Tin From Tin Containing Minerals, alloys, Scoria & Scrap
  • Composition Containing Fodder Yeast Waste For Simultaneous scouring of metal surfaces from corrosion Products, scale & Scoria


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  • Light Weight Sand Products
  • Building/Quarry Products
  • Scoria Product
  • Quarry
  • Red volcanic scoria
  • White Volcanic Scoria


  • Ethiopia
  • Small-scale mining and processing of agro minerals
  • Activity Ratios of Uranium Isotopes in Volcanic Rocks from Izu-Mariana Island-Arc Volcanoes, Japan

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