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  • A shock absorber in common parlance (or damper in technical use) is a mechanical device designed to smooth out or dampen a sudden shock impulse and dissipate kinetic energy.
  • Shock absorber is a necessary automobile components that is used for absorbing shocks during ride.
  • There are a number of different methods of converting an impact /collision into relatively smooth cushioned contact.: Metal Spring , Rubber Buffer , Hydraulic Dashpot , Collapsing safety Shock Absorbers , Pneumatic Cylinders , Self compensating Hydraulic .
  • A shock absorber is a damping element of the vehicle suspension, and its performance directly affects the comfortability, dynamic load of the wheel and dynamic stroke of the suspension.
  • The HYRAD Technology is a patented method for adjusting shocks and struts remotely.
  •  HYRAD Corporation holds three U.S. patents and many foreign patents on the use of external fluid pressure circuits to adjust the valving (firmness) of shocks and struts by remote control.
  • The Inertia Active System is so good, it's faster and more precise than the computerized shock systems available on current expensive luxury cars.
  •  Technology for both type will have to be imported, when their production is initiated in the country.
  • Shock absorbers must absorb or dissipate energy. One design consideration, when designing or choosing a shock absorber is where that energy will go. In most dashpots, energy is converted to heat inside the viscous fluid.
  • Shock absorbers work on the principle of fluid displacement on both the compression and extension cycle.
  • Shock absorbers are an important part of automobile and motorcycle suspensions, aircraft landing gear, and the supports for many industrial machines.
  • Demand for shock absorbers in India, at present, is primarily limited to automobile sector only. Their demand arises from two
    segments namely, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of vehicles, and Replacement market.

  • About Shockabsorber
  • Shock Absorber Industry
  • Shock Absorber types


  • Company from Berlin
  • Company from Sydney
  • Company from Australia
  • Company from Belgium
  • Company from Thailand
  • Company from NewDelhi
  • Company from California
  • Company from India
  • Company from Japan
  • Company from Newyork


  • A-2 Shock Absorber
  • FSI Analysis of Shock Absorber
  • GCB Shock Absorbers
  • B-Safe Webbing Shock Absorber
  • Shock Absorber products
  • Shift into high gear with clutches by SACHS
  • SV Shock Absorber

Designing Process

  • Design of an Adjustable Shock Absorber
  • Shock Absorber Design
  • Design and build a prototype Shock Absorber
  • The application of modern robust optimal design method to a Shock Absorber
  • Manufacturing Process of Shock Absorber
  • Production capacity analysis of a shock absorber assembly line using simulation


  • Trade leads of Shock Absorber
  • Shock Absorber Suppliers
  • Shock Absorber Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer of Shock Absorber
  • Shock Absorber Selling leads
  • Suppliers of Shock Absorber

Consultancy & TurnKey Service providers

  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from Poland
  • Consultant from India
  • Turnkey provider
  • Turnkey providers from USA
  • Turnkey providers from Israel
  • Designer's Guide - Shock Absorbers
  • Helpful hint about international buses
  • How to Install New Shock Absorbers
  • Suspension system service


  • Automatically adjustable damping force shock absorber
  • Covering element with shock absorber damping
  • Magnetic valve for shock absorbers
  • Method of manufacturing hydraulic shock absorber and production system for shock absorber in plant
  • Process for manufacturing isolators of shock absorbers based on the principle of damping vibrations and/or shocks by means of  multistrand  cables
  • Shock Absorber
  • Trailer hitch shock absorber


  • Mechanical,variable pressure Shock Absorber
  • Development of Technique for Estimating Suspension Input Force During Endurance Run on Rough Road
  • Industrial application of ERF-Technology
  • Characterization of Shock Absorber deformation by optical surface digitization
  • Hybrid neural network model for history-dependent automotive shock absorbers
  • Hyrad Technology
  • The Patented IAS® Technology Used in Edelbrock Shock Absorbers
  • Measurement of Equivalent Stiffness and Damping of Shock Absorbers
  • Shock Absorbers


  • Shock absorbers are adjustable, self-compensating
  • Banrock champions wetlands – nature’s wonderful shock absorbers
  • Shock Absorber Dynamometer Lab, Report Guidelines
  • Annual report of Kayaba industry
  • On the use of filament wound toroids as pneumatic shock absorbers
  • Transforming the German Federal Labour Agency:Valediction to the Shock Absorber
  • Historical development of Shock Absorber
  • Report on vehicle safety inspection programs

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