Sodium Hexametaphosphate
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  • Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) is a hexamer of composition (NaPO3)6
  • SHMP hydrolyzes in aqueous solution, particularly under acidic conditions, to sodium trimetaphosphate and sodium orthophosphate.
  • It is prepared by melting monosodium orthophosphate, followed by rapid cooling.
  • Properties Of Sodium hexametaphosphate are White granules or powder and odourless. Easily soluble in water.
  • Used in the manufacturing of detergents, water softening agent in solution for printing, dyeing, and boilers, water treatment, paper making, textiles and tanning.
  • Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) is used as an acidity regulator, emulsifier, humectant, raising agent, sequestrant, stabilizer and thickener.
  • SodiumHexametaphosphate is used as sequestering agent. It is used in the industry of soap,detergents, water treatment, metal finishing and plating, pulp and paper manufacture, synthesis of polymers, photographic products, textiles, scale removal and agriculture.
  • Sodium hexametaphosphate delivered from a chewing gum prevents dental stain formation and leads to a desired whitening benefit.
  • It induces kidney damage and is a severe skin irritant, irritation is a dose dependent factor. So when it is used in cosmetics low doses are used.
  • For industrial use, such as oil field, paper-making, textile, petrochemical industry, tanning industry, metallurgical industry and building material industry
  • It is mainly used as a water softening agent in solution for printing, dyeing, and boiler, Diffusant in papermaking; slow corrodent, floating agent, dispersing medium, high temperature agglomerant, detergent and soil analytical chemistry reagent.
  • For food grade, it is mainly used as additive agent, PH adjusting agent and fermentation agent, and nourishment.
General Information
  • Introduction And their Uses
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Properties And Applications


  • Description Of An Effective Non-Acid Technique
  • Process Cheese: Scientific and Technological
    Aspects Review
  • Sodium Polyphosphate, Glassy(Sodium Hexametaphosphate)
  • Lyotropic Liquid Crystals as Nanoreactors
  • Biocompatible sodium hexametaphosphate stabilized gold nanoparticles


  • Product Data Sheet
  • Product Specification Sheet
  • Product Information
  • Glassy sodium
  • Production Process


  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • Sodium Polyphosphate
  • Diverclean HP
  • Glassy Sodium Phosphate
  • Calgon
  • Sodaphos
  • Sodium polyphosphate- Glass
  • Medi-Calgon
  • Sodium Salt


  • Hexametaphosphate As an Agent For Treatimg Wastes, Preparing Construction Materials And Stabilizing Soils
  • Sodium-Potassium Hexametaphosphate And Potassium Metaphosphate With a Low Insolubles Content
  • Method Of Inhibiting Corrosion Using a Hexametaphosphate and a Phosphate Buffer
  • Production Of Hexametaphosphates from Other Phosphates
  • Fumigation Method Employing An Aqueous Solution Comprising a Hexametaphosphate, A Thiocarbonate, And a sulfide


Company Profiles

  • Company Of China
  • Company Of Hebei Province
  • Company Of Ahmedabad
  • Company Of Europe
  • Company Of China
  • Company Of Maharashtra
  • Company Of Mumbai
  • Company Of China


  • Suppliers Of Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate Suppliers
  • Manufacturers Of Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • Wholesale Suppliers
  • Exporters Of Hexametaphosphate
  • Suppliers Products
  • Manufacturers And Exporters


  • Technology in China
  • Technology Wuhan 430074 China
  • Technology In China
  • Technology in Tianjin


  • Consultants Of Newdelhi
  • Consultants Of UK


  • SodiumHexametaphosphate in the  Role Of Canine Calculus Reduction
  • Determination of Polyphosphates Using Ion Chromatography
  • Preparation of ceramic coatings on inner surface of
    steel tubes using hot-dipping and plasma electrolytic oxidation
  • Extrinsic Whitening
    Effects of Sodium
  • Preparation And Properties Of Sodium Hexametaphosphate


  • Stannous Fluoride Dentifrice with Sodium
  • Review of Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • Effects of Hexametaphosphate Levels on Listeria innocua
  • Influence of Sodium Hexametaphosphate on Selected Bacteria
  • An Anticalculus Dentifrice with Sodium Hexametaphosphate

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