Sodium lignosulphonate
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  • Sodium lignosulfonate (lignosulfonic acid, sodium salt) is used in the food industry ; as a de-foaming agent for paper production and in adhesives for items that come in contact with food.
  • It has antimicrobial and preservative properties, and is used as an ingredient in animal feeds.
  • It is also used for construction, ceramics, mineral powder, chemical industry, textile industry (leather), metallurgical industry, petroleum industry, fire- retardant materials, rubber vulcanization, organic
  • Sodium lignosulfonate (NaLS) is obtained from renewable sources and was chosen as a
    substitute for phenol in the preparation of phenolic resins in view of its chemical structure, which features aromatic rings of the phenolic type.
  • Sodium lignosulfonate was prepared from stripped sulphite waste liquor
  • Twelve L of this liquor were filtered and then saturated with sodium chloride.
  • Metal salts of lignosulfonic acid (LS), such as sodium (Na), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) are produced from an eluted solution obtained as a by-product of cooking process in sulfite pulping.
  • The sulfonic group is usually introduced into -position of the phenylpropane structure of lignin via cleavage of the side chain.
  • The corrosion and scale inhibition properties of sodium lignosulfonate (SL) were investigated by determining the corrosion and scale inhibition efficiency, the polarization curve, the residual turbidity, and the polymorph of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) scale.
  • The pH value of 10 wt % SL solution is about pH 6, and the percentage of SL was
    determined by ultraviolet spectrophotometry.
  • Sodium lignosulfonate was
    used as a substitute for phenol in the preparation of phenolic resin, as it contains aromatic rings of phenolic type, and as a substitute for polyols in the preparation of polyurethane, due to the presence of alcoholic hydroxyls which can react with the isocyanate group.


  • Sodium lignosulphonate
  • Anodic Oxidation of a Lignosulfonate to Vanillin in a Versatile Flow Cell Assembly
  • Wax Emulsions
  • Lignin and the Environment


  • Regenerated cellulose containing cross linked sodium lignate or sodium lignosulfonates
  • Ozonated lignosulfonates
  • Low electrolyte sodium lignosulfonates
  • Lignosulfonate treated fertilizer particles
  • Formation treatment with silicate activated lignosulfonate gel
  • Ammoxidized lignosulfonate cement dispersant
  • Method for preparing low electrolyte sodium lignosulfonates


  • Solution behaviours and adsorption characteristics of sodium lignosulfonate
  • The Inability of Polyporus Versicolor to Metabolize Sodium Lignosulfonate
  • Impact properties of sisal fiber reinforced composites: polyurethane and phenolic matrices based on sodium lignosulfonate
  • Glass transition of rigid polyurethane foams derived from sodium lignosulfonate mixed with diethylene, triethylene and polyethylene glycols
  • Effects of rice seeds coated with calcium peroxide on rice seedlings


  • Sodium lignosulfonate
  • Spectrum Sodium lignosulfonate
  • Sodium lignosulfonate MSDS
  • Sodium lignosulfonate powder
  • Lignosite
  • Pelletized limestone
  • Sodium lignosulfonate datasheet
  • Granulime
  • Eucon
  • Dimension Ultra
  • Cuprofix Ultra
  • Chemsearch 900

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Production Technology

  • Production of Sodium lignosulfonate

  • Extraction and recovery of lignosulfonate from its aqueous solution using bulk liquid membrane


  • Sulfites for Oxygen Control
  • Disperse Red
  • Prospect of sodium lignosulfonate derived from hardwood black liquor as ingredient in Mortar
  • Adsorption of sodium lignosulfonates by sodium montrnorillonite from aqueous solutions
  • Environmental effects of applying lignosulfonates to roads
  • Corrosion and Scale Inhibition Properties of Sodium Lignosulfonate and Its Potential Application in Recirculating Cooling Water System
  • Control of dust emissions from unpaved roads

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