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  • Sodium methoxide is a chemical compound, with formula Na(CH3O).
  • It is the sodium salt of methanol.
  • Methoxide is an organic salt, and the simplest alkoxide.
  • In Organic chemistry, the methoxide ion has a formula of CH3O- and is the conjugate base of methanol.
  • Sodium methoxide, also referred to as Sodium methylate, is a white powder when pure.
  • Sodium methoxide is produced on an industrial scale and available from a number of chemical companies. The major suppliers today are BASF, Degussa, and Interstate Chemical Company.
  • Sodium methoxide in methanol is a liquid that kills human nerve cells before any pain can be felt.
  • In the event of contact with methoxide, rinse the contacted area with water, seek medical attention immediately.
  • It is used as an initiator of an anionic addition polymerization with ethylene oxide, forming a polyether with high molecular weight.
  • The main application of sodium methoxide today is in the production of biodiesel. In this process, vegetable oils or animal fats, which chemically are fatty acid triglycerides, are transesterified with methanol to give fatty acid methyl esters.
  • Sodium Methoxide
  • Fully Automated Biodiesel
  • Biodiesel Synthesis.
  • Epimerization at C-5 of brassinolide with sodium methoxide and
    the biological activity of 5-epi-brassinolide in the rice lamina
    inclination test


  • Safety data for sodium methoxide
  • Sodium methoxide
  • Sodium Methoxide Powder


  • Biofuel
  • Process Modeling Approach for Evaluating the Economic
    Feasibility of Biodiesel Production
  • A process model to estimate biodiesel production costs
  • Transesterification Process to Manufacture Ethyl ester of Rape oil

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  • Nucleophilic Aromatic Subsutition: The reaction of 3,4-Dichorolonitrobenzene with sodium methoxide
  • Chemical interesterfication-process and safety management.


  • Method for forming ethylene glycol from sodium methoxide
  • Production of sodium methoxide
  • Granular akali metal alkoxides and alkaline earth metal alkoxides
  • Production of Formamide using Sodium Diformlyamide


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